What do you really earn when you learn?

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Editor
April 29, 2015

Let me go ahead and state the obvious: If senioritis is a disease, it is the best one ever. No matter how many speeches our administrators give on how we might not graduate, or how many times our teachers bemoan our poor work ethic, I refuse to believe that this last semester is anything less... (more...)

Chris Jackson - Getty Images 2

Drama goes royal

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Editor
April 29, 2015

It’s not every day that a high school theater class gets to perform for British royalty. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, were in town this March, and had a packed schedule that involved meeting with President Obama and touring local sites, including Mount Vernon.... (more...)


Changes in store for grading system

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Editor
February 24, 2015

Principal Michael Mukai wants us to approach grades differently. Over the course of the next 10 years, Mukai hopes to shift WS away from its current grading system into one that focuses more on evaluating students based on whether or not they meet the key objectives of their courses. The shift... (more...)


The school district that thought it could

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Editor
January 22, 2015

Any high school student knows that no one can be expected to get every question right on every test. But for FCPS, one wrong answer can have disastrous consequences. With temperatures below freezing and snow in the forecast, Spartans woke up on the morning of Tuesday, January 6 more than a... (more...)


A tad inattentive with attendance?

Calvin WIlder, Oracle Editor
January 13, 2015

Come to school or suffer the consequences… which are… what, exactly? Thanks to the legendarily poor attendance of some senioritis-afflicted members of last year’s graduating class, the administration started out this year with a much stricter attendance policy. One to two unexcused absences... (more...)

Platenberg edited final

WS grad is behind-the-scenes on snow days

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Editor
January 7, 2015

Move over, McElveen. While students across the county may rest their snow-day dreams on FCPS’s most Twitter-savvy School Board member, it’s actually a WS grad who is making the call. Jeffrey Platenberg, who is now the Assistant Superintendent of Support Services for all of FCPS, graduated... (more...)

Scottish Independence Referendum 2014

William Wallace sheds a tear; Scotland votes against independence

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Editor
October 23, 2014

It was the vote heard round the world… or not. On September 18th, Scotland had the opportunity to break away from the UK and forge its own path. But in a 55/45 split vote, they decided to stick it out. Here at WS, students watched the vote with varying degrees of interest. Seniors in AP Comparative... (more...)

online Dexter Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix Anonymous needed at WS

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Editor
September 30, 2014

WS warns us of the dangers of many addictions. We know to steer clear of all sorts of drugs that our reputable newspaper will not name. But unfortunately, as another year is getting underway, it seems our school has overlooked the most widespread, destructive addiction there is. Netflix, with... (more...)

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In memoriam: Ron Maggiano

Calvin Wilder, Page One Editor
June 9, 2014

When Ronald Maggiano stood in front of his first classroom full of high school students, the year was 1979. The Iran hostage crisis was still months away, and Ronald Reagan had yet to announce himself as a presidential candidate. Ron Maggiano – better known as “Mr. Magg” to his students... (more...)

Goldfish + Sims = Personal Finance?

Calvin Wilder, Page One Editor
May 23, 2014

Personal Finance. The valuable class where you learn… what, exactly? That’s the question I’ve been trying to solve for the past two months during second period, where learning about personal finances appears to only be on the schedule every so often. And I’m not the only one struggling... (more...)

Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami Beach

From riches to rags

Calvin Wilder, Page 1 Editor
April 10, 2014

As the old saying goes, only three things are sure in life: death, taxes, and the fact that your childhood heroes will become drug-addicted adults that fail to function in the real world. Justin Bieber became infamous on social media recently for an alcohol-fueled drag racing session in Miami,... (more...)

The People have spoken!

Calvin Wilder, Page One Editor
January 28, 2014

A new year, a new awards ceremony. The People’s Choice Award came and went on January 8th, but we on the Oracle staff know our readers prioritized their homework over an awards ceremony on a Wednesday night (right?). So, just in case you didn’t have the chance to watch this riveting ceremony,... (more...)

Put down the smartphone

Calvin Wilder, Page One Editor
January 24, 2014

Our school has an addiction problem. A big one. The symptoms are all there: we can’t walk in straight lines in the hallways. We can’t focus in our classes. We don’t even look our friends in the eyes anymore. Our smartphones are everywhere, and it’s a problem. When was the last time... (more...)

Major changes to Physics being put into motion next year

Calvin Wilder, Page One Editor
January 24, 2014

The laws of physics haven’t changed much since Newton’s days, but the same does not go for the classes teaching them. The College Board has decided that the Honors Physics class taught here (and at other schools across the country) will become an AP class next year. AP Physics 1, as the... (more...)

Goldfish + Sims = Personal Finance?

Calvin Wilder, Page One Editor
January 17, 2014

Personal Finance. The valuable class where you learn… what, exactly? That’s the question I’ve been trying to solve for the past two months during second period, where learning about personal finances appears to only be on the schedule every so often. And I’m not the only one struggling... (more...)

Twitter doesn’t always win the crown for tact

Calvin Wilder, Page One Editor
November 18, 2013

Sometimes, when a racial barrier is overcome, there is celebration at how far our nation has come. This is not one of those times. Nina Davuluri won the Miss America beauty queen pageant on September 15, making her the first person of Indian descent ever to win the title. And while many celebrated... (more...)

Tragedy at Navy Yard hits close to home

Calvin Wilder, Page One Editor
October 15, 2013

It was a scene out of a warzone, but this time it was in Washington DC, in a building where WS parents and friends work. When junior Gaby Fakhoury first heard that there was a shooting at the Navy Yard where her dad worked, she was sitting in her second period Personal Finance class. “I looked... (more...)

Meet the new Hannah Twerk-tanna

Calvin Wilder, Page One Editor
October 2, 2013

She’s definitely not Hannah Montana anymore. After a performance that ranged from mildly inappropriate to how-has-she-not-been-kicked-off-the-stage-yet, VMA watchers everywhere were left to try to understand what Miley Cyrus had just done, exactly. “I thought it was… different,”... (more...)

Mr. Magg! Man for the decades decides WS is history after this school year

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Online Editor
May 20, 2013

From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the election of Barack Obama, Ronald Maggiano has been teaching history as it happened. And after 33 years of teaching, he’s decided this will be his last. He said there were two main reasons for his decision to retire. The first one is that he feels he’s... (more...)

Jason Eldredge steps up

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Online Editor
May 2, 2013

Basketball, football… por qué no las dos? Eldredge is officially the new head Varsity football coach, and he’s ready to make some serious changes to the team. The first thing he plans to do is make conditioning harder. A lot harder. “They’re going to get their [butts] kicked,” said... (more...)

Bye bye, Biddison

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Online Editor
February 21, 2013

After four years as head coach of the Varsity football team, John Biddison announced he will be stepping down. The main reason, he said, was family. “Basically, I got three kids. I want to spend time with my family,” said Biddison. “Family’s gotta come first.” He said that coaching... (more...)

Deck the halls (or in this case, the house)

Calvin Wilder, Oracle Online Editor
December 18, 2012

Christmas cheer is officially here. When it comes to holiday decorations, most students are content to put up a few lights on their house and a wreath on their door. But some people relish the chance to turn their yard into a sea of blow-up Santas, Christmas trees, and flashing lights. “My... (more...)

Saved by the bell?

Calvin Wilder, Editor
October 1, 2012

WS is no stranger to new bell schedules. In the past four years, the schedule hasn’t stayed the same once. But this year’s changes might be dramatic, even by our standards. The first change is one that Principal Mark Greenfelder knew he wanted to make within a few weeks of coming here last... (more...)