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Are Disney’s remakes just as good as the originals?

Owais Khan, Oracle Staff Writer

February 19, 2019

Ever since 2015’s live action Cinderella remake, Disney has been on a roll in releasing countless live action remakes of their older animated movies. They have been releasing at least one remake per year since 2015, and that...

The Netflix mini-series came out with a create your own adventure movie that had multiple endings. This creepy thriller was highly anticipated due to the large audience Netflix has.

Bandersnatch, Yay or Nay?

February 19, 2019

Joaquin Phoenix in makeup as the Joker in a teaser from the director of the movie. Many actors have played the role with different styles over the years.

Which Joker is better?

November 16, 2018

Pizza from Pizza Paradiso, located in Georgetown. Their cozy atmosphere and seasonal specials makes it great choice for lunch or dinner.

D.C.’s finest slice

November 16, 2018

Celebrities: all grown up

Abby Strong, Oracle Online Editor

November 12, 2018

To all those who were alive in the age of tween television prime, our childhood celebrity role models, crushes, and overall favorite characters are growing up. Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows caused many people to begin...

“The Nun”: Truly scary?

November 12, 2018

West Springfield High School Newspaper