The Oracle

What the Scoop is Thankful for …and Not So Much

Nora Boyle and Sophie Sachar, Scoop Editor

December 4, 2014

  What we are thankful for... Our Brand New Gorgeous Water Fountain For those who have not yet discovered this beauty, we have a new state of the art water fountain with a separate place to fill up your water bottle, so now you will actually be ...

Old Music

February 15, 2011


The Writing is on the wall: Students’ respect of the bathrooms has gone down the drain

Julie Parisi, Editor

November 3, 2010

As Tommy Tutone’s song “Jenny” suggests, restrooms have recently become a place for people to express their thoughts and feelings instead of relieve themselves. “Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to? You give me something...

Who ya gonna call? You Wood have to talk to the woman at the front desk

Summer Claveau, Orange ETC. Editor

September 27, 2010

The front office is the brain of our school. Where the students are the circulating blood that flows through the hallways, keeping our school alive, the front office is the decision-maker and problem solver. Walking into...

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