Construction Updates

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“Balance of still being able to do school and keep people safe, and still get things accomplished.”

1.The band room was completely changed. New floor, walls and an emergency exit. But that’s not all, the band and music rooms are going to be extended out in to the Sports Lobby parking lot.
2. The stairwell down Door 4 had to be given up.
3. New trench dug up in Sports Lobby (it is now covered up) and there’s a gigantic pipe running through it.
4. All windows that were part of the boys’ locker room were taken out and cemented, as was the back hallway leading to the guitar room.
5. The gym wall is going to be raised and extended outwards in the middle of the year.
6. The hallways in the back leading to Tech Ed rooms and guitar rooms were taken out.
7. The custodians were moved out into a trailer as well.
8. New, tiny AIA rooms that are the size of a closet.
9. The guitar storage room was cut in half.
10. 2/3rds of all teachers were moved out into the 50 classrooms trailers.
11. They had a lottery for 65 parking spaces.

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