Is “OK Boomer” okay, boomers?

The cry of a generation brings up questions of ethics


An example of an “ok boomer” meme. The catchphrase gained traction on the internet through various comedic pictures and videos that included the expression. The younger generations using this phrase have even adopted their own name: zoomers, after Generation Z, or those born after 1997. The phrase quickly became a hit as it made national headlines.

Zach Thompson, ETC. Editor

Okay zoomers! It’s time to talk about our newest catch phrase: “Okay boomer.” The cry of our generation has pierced through the heart of anyone over the age of 40 who dares to upset a member of the younger population. It seems the phrase extends to not only those currently aged 55 to 73, but anyone who is older than the user of the phrase.

“I say it to my grandpa when he says something kind of offensive, it’s what you say to someone who says something really backwards,” said freshman Nora Wood.

Questions have arisen surrounding the new motto. Is it ageist? The Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects those 40 or older from workplace discrimination based upon their age. This qualification itself seems to discriminate based upon one’s age, but the law is the law.

“I say it all the time, I think people are being sensitive about it now, saying okay boomer is fine in my opinion,” said junior Alex Lopez.

The motivations behind the phrase, however, are not ageist. The younger generations are fed up with being ignored and heckled for being passionate about the issues that impact them. After years of ideas being dismissed and made fun of by the older generations, the younger generation’s message is clear. It’s time for the grown ups to grow up.

“I like it; it’s okay to say it to someone if they’re angering you. If they’re being annoying- it’s allowed. If they can insult our generation, then we should be able to insult theirs,” said freshman Elinor Maloney.

The two word punchline is very versatile. It can be said to pretty much any rigid and out of touch statement. Snowflake? Okay boomer. Climate change isn’t real? Okay boomer. Millennials are killing _____? Sigh OKAY BOOMER.

“It’s fine to say, it’s nothing bad. I’m acknowledging that someone has regressive ideals,” said senior Mark Terrillion.

The phrase has gained instant popularity with younger generations, which has led to some misuse. A misconception exists that the proper use of the phrase is to say it to ANYTHING older generations say or believe.

“I think it’s really funny, it’s just entertaining, but I feel like some people use it out of context,” said senior Sama Mohamud.