Preparing for the prom season

Jamie Bishop, Features Editor

You walk down an aisle in a small boutique and scan through multiple racks of dresses. Your eyes land on a flowy and long dress. You immediately know that the dress is the one. All the stress and anxiety about finding the perfect dress disappears and you can finally breathe.

Between the dresses, suits, dinners, cars, shoes, and so much more, all that seniors can think about is the stress and nerves that prom will bring. Planning and accommodating to every person’s needs in a group can be tough and often causes problems between friends

“[The] hardest thing about prom [is] probably making sure everyone agrees with where to go out before and after and making sure everyone gets along so [no] one is fighting; that goes for couples, too,” said senior Elina Vancini.

Some seniors think that prom is overhyped, because seniors from previous years have said that the dance and preparation is so stressful. Although the planning of the night is stressful, that doesn’t mean the night can’t be fun.

“[I’m looking forward to] dressing up and hanging out with friends.” said senior Lisa Kim. “I’m really excited about the Torpedo Factory, too; that’s the last place I’d think of to be having prom”

Part of prom preparation is getting ready early throughout the day.  For boys, some of them might need to get their haircuts, get their watches and accessories ready for the day, and put on their suits. All of it sounds easier said than done, but somehow everybody finds their way. Some people have already started planning prom even though there are two months until the dance.

“I was thinking of going to pick up the tux [the day of prom] and going to one of my friend’s house and we’re gonna get ready there,” said senior Paul Vaca. “[I’ve planned] where I’m getting my tux, where I’m going to eat, and who’s going to be in my group.”

For girls, they have to get their hair done, their makeup done, get their dresses on, get their nails done, and maybe even do last minutes shopping.

“I think [it’s harder for] girls, because it’s way harder to get your dress.” said senior Rebecca Nguyen. “Our dress are expensive and it’s hard to find the right one especially when we can’t really trust certain online stores; we also have to shave, do our nails, get our hair done, and put on makeup.”

Nonetheless, many seniors are really looking forward to the dance and hope that they can make one more lasting memory with their friends and say farewell to their last year of high school.

“[I’m looking forward to] seeing everyone from our grade at our last school dance and being with my friends, of course, taking photos, and all the stuff you get to do leading up to it [the dance] and afterwards,” said senior Andreas Krawczak.