iGOT STYLE… do you?

Cathy Thorne

Jessica Blahut, Journalism 1

Everyone knows that as temperatures rise, so do hemlines; unfortunately, high school students don’t always make the transition tastefully.

Current trends like the combination of UGG Boots and short-shorts only prove my point. Not only is the trend illogical—because sheepskin boots are supposed to keep the wearer warm, which is extremely unnecessary in hot, humid weather—but it makes the wearer’s legs appear shorter and the girl who chooses this combo crazy. Also, wearing these boots in warm weather can’t be good for the shoes or for the person’s feet because they will most likely sweat, which can result in blisters and other unattractive foot issues.

I’m also annoyed by girls who post pictures of themselves on Facebook wearing cowboy boots and a short little dress to a country concert. Don’t get me wrong, I do not have any problem with people who always wear outfits like this, but it looks like these particular girls are wearing a costume, because normally their version of dressing up means not rolling out of bed and putting on yoga pants.

Honestly, when was the last time one of these girls wore cowboy boots? Most likely to the last country concert they went to.

Which brings me to my next point: yoga pants. The trend is overused. I really can sympathize with people just wanting to be comfortable, but I doubt yoga pants are significantly more comfortable than jeans. Apparently, many schools agree that they are not school-appropriate. Lee High School, for example, recently banned yoga pants from their hallways. But some of these schools also find sweatpants to be provocative, while I just find them to be a lazy excuse for an outfit.

Recently, we’ve heard rumors circulating here about banning the tight-fitting sweats, although technically they do not abide by the SR&R dress code regulations because it can be argued that yoga pants do not display “good taste and decency,” and are “sexually provocative.”

Many girls I know are outraged that the school would think to ban yoga pants, taking to Facebook to write moody statuses, probably because they want something to talk about, not because they would actually be affected by the potential change.

Although I appreciate people’s personal styles and am not trying to insult anyone, I don’t think these trends are original or even attractive. I would welcome the change to more thoughtful choices in the morning; look in the mirror, please, even though it is hard to think straight at 6 AM.