Tree trouble: Fake vs. real


Photo courtesy of Lars Griffin

This is the first time the Griffin family has had a fake tree as their main tree, as they usually put up both a real tree and a fake one for the holidays.

Mike Damiano, Editor-In-Chief

The winter holidays are some of the most festive times of the year and have many symbols to represent them. One of the most prominent symbols of the winter season is none other than the Christmas tree. Even though it may seem like a tree is just as simple as it sounds, there are many variants to choose from: should one buy a real tree or fake tree, green tree or a white tree, rainbow lights or white lights? These very questions are asked by millions every year.
Real Christmas trees are a popular choice among people embracing the holiday spirit but bring a number of issues with them. Bringing in a real tree is essentially moving part of a forest right into your living room. While the tree does smell like pine, those same pines litter the ground around the base of the tree, along with sap. The tree also has to be cared for by being watered every day to ensure it survives through the holidays. No other tree, however, can accomplish the true feeling of authenticity than a real Christmas tree and the scent it brings along with it.
Fake Christmas trees have been increasingly popular over the years as people seek an easier option to get into the holiday spirit. Plastic trees are simple: they get quickly assembled, plugged in, and are done. They then get stored in a box nearly three-fourths of the year. Fake Christmas trees can also be reused year after year. Even though they do not have the festive pine smell, fake Christmas trees make no mess at all and are a breeze to manage each year.
Regardless of how one decorates his or her tree, nothing beats the true spirit of a real Christmas tree during the holiday season. Looking past the minor maintenance and care that they require, real Christmas trees can be picked out from farms specific to your liking and bring the festive pine scent right into the living room. Fake or real, the Christmas tree is a symbol of the festive winter holidays with a variety of options to choose from.