Theories about Taylor Swift spiral out of control

Junior Sylvia McCauley poses with her collection of Taylor Swift merchandise including a 1989 sweatshirt, folklore vinyl record, and a Midnights CD.

Photo courtesy of Blythe Steahly

Junior Sylvia McCauley poses with her collection of Taylor Swift merchandise including a “1989” sweatshirt, “folklore” vinyl record, and a “Midnights” CD.

Before the release of Taylor Swift’s new album “Midnights,” her fans, dubbed Swifties, were working overtime to come up with a slew of theories about the album and Swift in general.

“I do believe some of the theories, but I think the majority of them are stretches, but they are good fun. She has talked about how smart her fans are, and I think she loves the theories!” said sophomore Kalina Rapoza.

The majority of theories about Swift are stretched in logic. Some are so absurd one can’t help but wonder where the thought process behind them stemmed from since many theorists use many logical fallacies to attempt to put makeshift puzzle pieces together.

“The craziest theory I’ve heard is that ‘Midnights’ is going to be a double-release album. This is [because] in the ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ music video, [where] Swift had the numbers 26 and 13 on a cake. The theory says that even though she only announced 13 tracks that are going to be on ‘Midnights,’ since the number 26 was on the cake, 13 plus 13 equals 26. In conclusion, the album ‘Midnights’ is going to be a double album,” said sophomore Ellie Barnett.

While most of these theories are harmless and discussed with good intentions, some of the theories can be very invasive and problematic. Though Swift is a celebrity, there are many people who believe what she tries to keep private should be kept private and not be incessantly theorized about by her fans. 

“The whole thing about her relationship is that she is trying to keep it as hidden as possible, (as much as she can, at least, considering she is Taylor Swift), but people always try to pry into her personal life and I think that is just not right,” said senior EmmaLia Ciccacarello. 

One example of the assumptions that people have made is Swift’s sexuality. While she has only ever been in relationships with men, many of her fans speculate that an old friend, Karlie Kloss, was, in fact, her girlfriend. This is due to them having a close friendship and spending a substantial amount of time together, such as going on road trips. While the two of them were just friends, it has not stopped any of her fans from making assumptions about their relationship.  

While theories about Taylor Swift can be fun and mostly harmless, it is important to remember that there is a line to be drawn on respecting her privacy as a human being.