It all falls down


Photo courtesy of Zoe Ferlazzo

Senior Noel Berhane, a Kanye West fan, has been listening to Kanye since birth.

Students are fed up with Kanye West’s comments against the Jewish community. 

On Saturday, October 8th, West posted a tweet saying he was, “going death con 3 [sic] On JEWISH PEOPLE,” referring to the military term “Defcon” (DEFense readiness CONdition) and how he planned on harming the Jewish community. 

Knowing that West has revolutionized the rap industry with his songs “Flashing Lights” and “Bound 2,” fans expect more from someone they have admired for decades. Yet as West’s fan base has grown, so has his conceit. In recent years, he has begun to share his absurd thoughts with society on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter like never before. These extreme claims have started to cost West his fan base permanently and are causing him struggle in maintaining paid partnerships with companies like Adidas. Students have declared that their support for West cannot continue if he does not initiate change. 

“His antisemetic comments were morally wrong and disgusting. He is not a good person,” sophomore and former West fan Alanna Thompson expressed. 

Even though West has had an impact on Generation Z, students’ mindfulness and consideration overthrow personal enjoyment. Although some students believe that support for West should come to a complete stop, others think that enjoying his music should stay separate from supporting his social activity. 

“I think he needs mental help, however, I enjoy his music and will continue to listen to it,” said sophomore Hannah Armah.

 In this case, people recognize West’s personality as unstable but do not think it is necessary to associate it with his artistry. 

“I like Kanye as a rapper, but recently, he has changed,” stated Senior Noel Berhane. 

Berhane is a continuous fan of West but does not support the comments he has recently made. Fans like Berhane believe that because West’s music has gained immense appreciation in the past, it should continue to be praised.

Some students who feel strongly about lyrical connection oppose the idea of “separating the musician from the music.” 

“Musicians’ thoughts are commonly represented in their music,” said Thompson. 

Overall, students have come to an agreement that West should face consequences for his actions. Although some students believe that West’s music needs protection, others believe that his actions influence his lyrics, and therefore his career should diminish. Student fans are not afraid to hold West accountable for his actions and declare that he needs mental help.