“Glass Onion,” a “Knives Out” movie falls short of its name


Photo courtesy of IndieWire under Creative Commons License

The movie was set and filmed in Greece. This allowed for spectacular sites at the fictional resort and an overall adventurous atmosphere to prevail throughout the whole film.

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” the long-awaited sequel to “Knives Out,” was recently released after months of anticipation. While the second movie in the franchise is a masterpiece in its own right, it does not live up to the legacy that “Knives Out” created. 

“Glass Onion” follows Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc along his journey at Miles Bron’s private island which is home to the groundbreaking structure known as the glass onion, a fully glass circular building. The building is called the glass onion as it is made out of several layers of glass, almost like an onion. It serves as both the site for the focal dinner party and the site of the two murders.

Throughout his time on the island, Detective Blanc is not only tasked with solving one fictional murder but also two very real ones. He is forced to find clues, follow leads, and encounter threatening circumstances in order to prevent a third killing and discover the murderer. This proves to be a far more complex job as Detective Blanc learns that everyone on the island has a strong motive for murder.

While the new movie in the franchise is flashier and more extravagant than the original, the overall plot of this movie is far more underwhelming than the original. The first movie’s true mystery was more entertaining in comparison to “Glass Onion’s” disappointing ending and slow plot line. 

For the entire duration of the second movie, there is an obvious suspect. Viewers spend time watching the movie clearly thinking that there is no way it could be the most evident person that they have suspected, but the ultimate reveal ends up disclosing that that person was the killer all along. This was a huge letdown considering the shocking impression that spectators felt from observing the ending that the original in the series provided.

Both movies are very similar in the fact that they both have phenomenal casts. The mix of the two movies brings actors that have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Oscar winners, and Emmy winners. The actors in both stories do an exemplary job of showcasing each unique story; it just happens to be that the original plot is more amusing.