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Too much touching

Photo courtesy of Maggie Barry
Toned-down PDA is also shown and is recognized as more of the “civil” couples. Hugs, hand holding or little flirt-like actions are generally accepted throughout the student body as “normal.” (Top: Sophomore Eva Angell and junior Sam Silvanic embrace in Spartan Hall. Middle: Senior Maddox Ethridge and junior Eva Koschmider hold hands in the hallway. Bottom: Sophomore Romeo Poafpybitty and sophomore Brianna Gonzales hug.

While roaming the halls, it’s noticeable that many couples choose to be expressive of their relationship, and love to let everyone around them know it. Public displays of affection (PDA) can actually disrupt someone’s school day more than they may think.
PDA can go from holding hands in the hallways to explicit things that nobody wants to see on their way to English class. Is it not weird to the “PDAers” that their peers are just walking past them trying to get to their next class?
Students have a seven minute transition period in between classes, and some people like to take advantage of that time. Teachers absolutely despise students showing up late to class and having silly excuses such as, “I was walking my friend to class.” Whether or not that student was telling the truth, teachers will never believe them, which gets annoying when the reason they’re late to a class is because of the couples taking up the hallways left and right.
Up and down the stairwells, from one class to another, and all the nooks and crannies of the school can always be found filled with two people that are all over one another, either standing up or sitting on the floor.
Who knows why most couples act like they’re never going to see each other again after the two minutes they’ve spent together in the halls, but whatever it is, it’s incredibly suffocating due to the constant touching. There’s been plenty of times where students have been disturbed by the amount of PDA in school, and they’re not just saying that because they’re jealous of a happy couple. Many suggest that students are upset that affection is being displayed so openly while they are single, however, that’s not the case for everyone.
Those who are in a relationship, but do not participate in PDA, think that it is a frightening sight. It’s genuinely concerning how these kids can’t go through an hour and 30 minute class period without touching each other, and just imagine how the teachers must feel about it too. If the couples are in the same class and they are all over one another, teachers believe it is the wrong time to be doing those activities, which is the main conflict.

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“It’s just weird, you’re in school, just wait until you’re home, or in your car. There’s people walking through the halls that don’t need to see that, besides you should keep your stuff private.”

— Junior Grayson McKesey

The FCPS Student Right and Responsibilities (SR&R) handbook states, “Refrain from using words, images, or gestures that are obscene, violent, disruptive, or disrespectful.” The gestures couples show towards each other on school grounds can possibly go against the county’s SR&R.
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“There’s no point of coming to school and showing all of that, it’s not the place and time. It makes others uncomfortable seeing all of that in school, it’s just not the time or place.”

— Junior Chebet Kirui

The students not following this responsibility limit can receive even larger consequences, other than looks from peers.
There are times and places for affection towards one’s partner and school is just not the place.
The act of PDA has constantly been on display for all staff and students to view. But do we want to? No. It is good to see people happy in relationships, but everyone can see the couples being happy by just holding hands. There is a limit to PDA and it is evident that some individuals take it upon themselves to go over the limit.
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“To some extent it’s okay, like let’s say you’re dating someone with strict parents and you can only hangout with them in school, of course you’re going to want to share affection with them in school.”

— Senior Thomas Ramirez

On campus grounds there are many couples, which is good to see teenagers happy with one another. All that is asked is to be able to go from one class to another without being ambushed with movie-like kiss scenes.

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