Senior parking lot: for seniors, and seniors only

Austin Kaminski, Staff Writer
November 28, 2011

Senior privileges apply to seniors in high school, not senior citizens. One senior privilege that we have waited so eagerly for is the senior parking lot. Four long years of taking the bus, getting rides from others, or waking up an hour early just to fight to get a spot on Rolling. Our senior parking... Read more »

Athletic trainers, keeping the athletes safe

Julie Hess, Viewpoint Editor
November 2, 2011

From shin splints to concussions, the WS athletic trainers are here to make sure you get back into the game as quickly as possible. Athletic training isn’t just having the ability to tape up someone’s twisted ankle; just like many other careers, it requires schooling and certification. Both Eric... Read more »

Trespassers found in school

Sam Perlstein, Managing Editor
October 24, 2011

On Friday the 16th two unidentified males wandered into our halls entering empty, unlocked classrooms in the science hallway. They were not WS students and their reason for being in the school while school was in session is not known. However, the security cameras photographed them entering the building... Read more »

How to solve a problem like Maria: Whatever

Maria Scaptura, ETC. Editor
June 1, 2011

Well I’m stumped.  I have absolutely no clue what to write for this column. I’m sitting here in bed just typing words at random, hoping something will strike a chord with me. Speaking of chords, there’s this new movie coming out (or it came out, I’m not quite sure) about the “untold story”... Read more »

Teen Center prepares kids for sports season

Jimmy McMahon, Sports Editor
June 1, 2011

With basketball coming to a close, many local basketball players are looking for a decent court to play on. Luckily for them, nearby Washington Irving Middle School provides that court through their Teen Center program. Teen Center is designed to give kids a place to go after school to do homework, play... Read more »

Gorham gets in the game

Maria Suri, Oracle Online Assistant
June 1, 2011

When students go to sporting events, they expect to see the excited crowds, pumped athletes, stressed coaches and, of course, the photographers. Senior Emily Gorham is one of these Spartan photographers. Gorham first started taking pictures at sports events when her dad got her a telephoto lens for Christmas... Read more »

Stormy weather plagues spring sports season

Jimmy McMahon, Sports Editor
May 26, 2011

As spring sports come to a close, I can’t help but notice a striking similarity between the 2011 season and the past several years. After months of indoor sports such as track and basketball, WS athletes look forward to enjoy the nice weather that should come with Spring-time. Unfortunately, the past... Read more »

Weightlifters hike White Oak

Jimmy McMahon, Sports Editor
May 26, 2011

From class time workouts to Firebreather competitions, this year’s weight room activity can only be described as one thing: people picking things up and putting them down. What better way to end a year of intense non-stop work than with a field trip. The plan was to go to Old Rag Mountain, but classes... Read more »

The Whos down in Whoville love ‘Seussical, the Musical’

Sam Perlstein, Features Editor
May 26, 2011

Bright colors, a lively cast, crazy music and a powerful message. Those were the ingredients used by the Theater Department to create success. Seussical, the 2011 spring musical, blends the outrageous tales of Dr. Seuss and the magic of live entertainment in one fun-filled night. The story begins with... Read more »

Letters: Percoco inspired by his high school teacher

May 26, 2011

Jim Percoco, who has been a Spartan for 31 years, wrote this letter to the teacher who influenced him the most. He asked that it be published in The Oracle. Dear Neal: Well, by now you have read the last issue of The Oracle and know that I am to be inducted into the National Teachers’ Hall of Fame.... Read more »

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