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Maria Scaptura, ETC. Editor

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Well I’m stumped. 

I have absolutely no clue what to write for this column. I’m sitting here in bed just typing words at random, hoping something will strike a chord with me.

Speaking of chords, there’s this new movie coming out (or it came out, I’m not quite sure) about the “untold story” of John Lennon. Now, it’s probably all a complete lie, but I really want to see it (mostly because the actor is British).

Beside that I haven’t had any obsessions to base a column off of. I need something magical to take me out of my momentary slump. Probably something similar to a unicorn. I need that little lightbulb to go off inside my head to get me furiously typing whatever brilliant idea comes to my temporarily dusty mind. 

But until that moment, I let my mind wander in contemplation of really nothing in particular. All that has been rolling around in my mind lately is British actors (with their wonderful British accents), lyrics from a song I’m not sure the name of, sometime getting homework done (yeah, as if), and well, Canada, just the usual stuff.

Now you’re probably reading this and thinking “okay, is there going to be a point to this anytime soon?” And sadly, my response is no. There is really no point to this at all. Unless you count unicorns as a point, then yes, there is a point.

Unicorns and British accents, that pretty much sums up this article nicely doesn’t it? 

It’s quite sad actually, this would be my last column and I’m simply babbling like a schizophrenic. But isn’t that what I do in pretty much all of my columns?

Maybe this allows me a chance to reflect on all of my colorful wisdom from the past year. If there had to be a message through my mish-mosh of randomness in this article, I would advise everyone to slow down a bit.

You know the whole “stop and smell a rose” saying? That, to me, really is the only way to experience life, to just enjoy it as it comes.

The next time you’re running through your day, take a moment and lie down in the grass. Metaphorically, not literally, except the weather is getting quite nice, but I digress.

Back to the topic. Appreciate all the moments that make up your life. And that, dare I say it, is the best advice I can ever give you.

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