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Fairfax County Counselor of the Year

Pablo Suarez, Oracle Editor
September 30, 2014

Keeping up with schoolwork, balancing practices and extracurricular activities, maintaining an adequate sleep schedule and having a... READ MORE »»

Caption: Stahl talks with senior Oumaima Ataoui after school about possible changes to her schedule.


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New policy throws junk food in the trash

Constanza Hasselman, Page One Editor
September 30, 2014

Thanks to the Obama administration, and the push of Michele Obama, new policies have been set in place to drastically decrease the... READ MORE »»

Caption: Cafeteria workers prepare and serve meals that have been changed by the USDA because of new federal restrictions.


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Taber leaves us with a legacy of love

Calvin Wilder & Christine Wittich, Oracle Staff Writers
September 30, 2014

One biological child and 551 adopted. Suzanne Taber, affectionately dubbed “Mama Tabes” by her students, died unexpectedly on June... READ MORE »»

Caption: Suzanne Taber stands with last year’s graduates. From left: Matt Meinhoffer, Scott King, JP Cronin and Brandon Padget. In addition to being sponsor of the Class of 2014, Taber was in charge of the school’s finances.

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‘The Pajama Game’ wows

Christine Wittich, Managing Editor
June 9, 2014

I’ve been attending high school musicals since WS put on Les Mis in 2006, and while I am certainly not an expert on theatre, I consider... READ MORE »»

Caption: The cast of "The Pajama Game" blew the audience away with their professionalism, catchy songs and incredibly entertaining performance.

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Spartans fight for the cure

Katherine Gibson, Forum Teacher
June 9, 2014

Run, walk, jog or crawl, but get your butt around that track. Relay For Life had its fifth event here on the track of West Springfield.... READ MORE »»

Caption: Members of the Springfield and Burke community walked around the track all night to fight cancer and successfully raised money for the American Cancer Society.

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It’s time for Calvin and…Pabs?

Calvin Wilder and Pablo Suarez, Oracle Staff Writers

Calvin and Hobbes may be the most beloved children’s cartoon of all time, but that won’t stop us from making a mediocre pun and creating a column to profit off of its... read story

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Changes just make us cross

Kristen Falk, Oracle Staff Writer

Several changes have been made to our school this year, one of the most controversial being the reinforcement of the rule prohibiting our crossing guard, Leonor Goral, from... read story

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Skills and goals

Rosa Jang, Entertainment Editor

While most of us are unsure of what we want to do with our future, senior Jinju Tak and junior Gaby Quezada have their futures all planned out. Taking vet technician and cosmetology... read story

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FCPS puts a stop to crossing guards’ work

Katie Bonk, Oracle Staff Writer

The long arm of the law recently put handcuffs on our crossing guard. If you’ve seen long-time morning and afternoon regular Leonor Goral in a bright yellow slicker and... read story

October 2, 2014 • 0 comments

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Don’t sweat it: Deporter, Parker join our Spartan PE department

TJ Gleason, Features Editor

In a time where physical education is extremely emphasized in high school (thanks Obama), WS adds to its all-star team of PE teachers with the additions of WS football coaches... read story

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10-6-2014 11-16-39 AM

FRESHMAN ANONYMOUS: A 12-STEP GUIDE TO SURVIVING FRESHMAN YEAR (Based on Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step Program)

Compiled by Nora Boyle & Sophie Sachar, Scoop Editor

Step 1: “We admitted that we were powerless under upperclassmen and that our lives had become unmanageable.” Being a freshman is all about admitting you’re a problem.... read story

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