Come Into the Woods next month

Abby Strong, Oracle Online Editor

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This year the WS Theater program’s spring musical is taking a turn Into the Woods.
Into the Woods is a musical based on the book written by James Lapin and music composed by Stephen Sondheim. Act One focuses on the magical, idealistic ends of common fairy tales while Act Two explores Lapin’s take on what happens after the happily ever after.
“The music is really clever. There is not a lot of dancing so the audience can focus on the lyrics,” said director and theatre arts teacher Bernard DeLeo.
The cast is made up of 46 students and over 50 more in the band and crew. This year the WS theater program has split up the actors into two separate casts to allow more students the opportunity to perform. The first weekend, one cast will perform and the following weekend the second cast will debut.
“Having two separate casts broadens the roles of the characters and gives the audience a chance to see the show from different actors take on the characters,” said junior Addison Picardat, a stage manager for the show
Practices and rehearsals take a great deal of energy. The constant repetition of reciting lines, building sets, practicing instruments, and other technical components to bring the story to life is a large feat for the cast, crew, and band to commit to. Nevertheless, all the participants manage to enjoy the busyness of the production.
“The atmosphere is very positive and happy,” said actor and sophomore Natalie Points.
However, the production would not be possible without the dedicated work ethic of theatre mom Jennifer Raines and a group of other mothers and students who work on costumes for the musical.
“[Raines] and I shopped for fabric patterns for costumes, and on Saturdays six to eight other moms have sewing sessions to make the costumes,” said DeLeo.
In addition to the parents that volunteer their time, some teenagers also get involved by being taught to make the costumes by their mothers.

Abby Strong
The costumes for the play are ready to be performed in and are all set up. The theatre program has been preparing for the play by getting together the costumes and practicing how each character will have their hair and make-up done.

The people spending large quantities of time and effort on designing and creating costumes have proven to be a vital part of the formation of the musical.
The musical premieres on May 4 and the last performance is on May 12. Tickets are currently being sold on the Spartan Theatre website,, for $8.00 for students and $12.00 for adults.
Into the Woods is a realistic approach to the beautiful, flawless endings fairy tales present.
“Don’t always expect the ending you are prepared for,” said Points.

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