Celebrities: all grown up

Abby Strong, Oracle Online Editor

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To all those who were alive in the age of tween television prime, our childhood celebrity role models, crushes, and overall favorite characters are growing up.

Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows caused many people to begin living vicariously through characters. These characters were a very big part in some of our lives, and have since gone on to take larger roles in their personal or work related life.

One Disney Channel show that exemplifies the growth of its cast since its days on air is The Suite Life of  Zack and Cody. This was a Disney Channel sitcom that showed the lives of twin brother Zack (Dylan Sprouse) and Cody Martin (Cole Sprouse) as they lived and grew up in the Tipton Hotel, and followed them on their troublesome adventures.

“The sense of humor was really funny and it makes me feel old seeing where [the cast] is now,” said sophomore Corbin Lathrop.

Cole has found success in his current role of Jughead on the CW show Riverdale while Dylan has gone off to work in roles that are more mature, like the movie “Dismissed” .

Another series loved by many was Hannah Montana, which followed the life of Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) as she managed to keep her identity a secret while she performed as a pop star to try and maintain the best of both worlds. Cyrus has since continued to make music and gain a reputation of testing social boundaries.

“[I think] it was inevitable that she acts the way she does now from how she was marketed by the company at a young age,” said junior Ryland Plodpluang.

Regardless of her life choices, Cyrus has been capable of keeping the public on their toes.

A final honorable mention goes to the cast of Drake and Josh. This Nickelodeon series was about step brothers Drake Parker (Drake Bell) and Josh Nichols (Josh Peck) and viewed their relationship as they grew up.

This show was particularly popular because of the relationship, and humor shared between the two brothers.

“My brother and I could relate to some aspects of the relationship between the characters,” said freshman Thomas Inscoe.

Since the show has ended, Peck married film editor, Paige O’Brien, and they are expecting to have their first child.

Fans of Drake and Josh were surprised to hear of the couple’s news, as many of them are more familiar with Peck’s role on Disney Channel than the actor’s life now.

Sometimes people will forget the time that’s past since the finale of a TV series. The nostalgia can make them feel older when they realize where the cast is now.

“I don’t really think of [the actors] when watching reruns of the show, but when I see them now I really see how much time that’s past,” said Inscoe.


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