Spartans’ favorite artists come to D.C.


Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Republic Records

Singer Ariana Grande is embarking on her Sweetener Tour on March 20th and will becoming to Washington, D.C. March 25th and June 21st 2019.

Dina Tidd, Business Editor

From having a concert crashed, to amazing performances described as “out of a fantasy”, major artists are starting their 2019 by going on tour. Artists such as Cardi B, Travis Scott , and Ariana Grande will be or is currently performing on various stages  throughout the US.

Cardi is currently busy managing her schedule with her baby while also setting up concerts. She has also been handling many personal matters in which she doesn’t want to bring into her professional career, but during her concert on December 15th in Los Angeles, Offset crashed her concert with a cart of roses spelling “Take me back Cardi” as well as a bouquet of white roses. The purpose of his gesture was to try to win her back, but he ultimately failed. Cardi seemed to feel uncomfortable and quite irritated with his “romantic” gesture. After he saw that she wasn’t taking his act of reconciliation, he took his roses off stage. Soon after, Cardi continued with her performance.

Another ongoing tour is  with Travis Scott’s album, Astro World. It began November 8, 2018 and is ending on March 24, 2019. Within those date, he has scheduled a concert in Washington D.C.on March 11-12th. Popular websites to purchase tickets from is Ticketmaster, StubHub and Vivid Seats. Price for his concert starts at about $40 for regular seat to $230 for seats close to the stage. These prices often fluctuate but remain near those prices. Students from our school will be attending Scott’s concert.

“I’m looking to hearing my favorite songs from [Travis Scott]” said Junior Gavyn Bailey             Scott’s concert is described as “something out of a fantasy”. Scott’s stage design is of a amusement park, as it is his album’s theme. His album is dedicated to his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, and their child.

Ariana Grande’s tour is scheduled to begin on March 20th. She will be traveling to Washington D.C. on March 25th. Many are greatly anticipating her visiting our area. This would be only the third time that she has visited our area, and it will be the only chance for many to see her live performance.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the songs live and having a good time screaming her high notes even if I can’t reach them” said Junior Yumi Kim.

Going to a concert is a very special occasion for many as they can see their favorite singers up close while hearing them perform in front of them For some, attending her concert will become very memorable as it will be their first time going to a concert. Many plan on having a good

“It’s my first concert and I won’t have to worry about anyone being annoyed by me screaming the lyrics” said Junior Sarah Johnson.