Assortment of fall games hit the market for all ages

Daniel Nam, Editor-in-Chief

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Despite the fact that the recent Call of Duty (COD) games have been lackluster, this new game is a soft reboot of the popular modern warfare series. It is scheduled to be released October 25, 2019. For the first time ever, this game will now be cross-platform which will allow those on Playstation, Xbox, and PC to all play together at one time. The game will bring back the campaign which will now revolve around the decisions you, as the player makes. Hopefully, this new game can redeem the series. (Photo courtesy of Cnet COD)
Mario Kart: Tour: Everyone has heard of Mario Kart. The classic racing game where you choose one of many Nintendo characters to race against either computers or other players. Mario Kart is coming to phones and tablets for everyone to use. Not only is it one of the most popular games, but it is also free. Currently it is only available to those who have an android, but Nintendo plans to release an ios version soon. There seems to be no reason to not get Mario Kart, and hopefully it is as exciting and interesting as it turns out to be. (Photo courtesy of Cnet)
The Last of Us Part II: The first Last of Us was a huge hit for many video game fans. Considered to be one of the best AAA titles, Naughty Dog hopes their sequel matches or exceeds expectations of their fans.. The story revolves around an older Ellie who is trying to survive the post-apocalyptic world. The game won an award for most wanted game in 2017, but because of its violent nature, it is recommended for those who don’t mind mature content. I loved the first game and after a long five years, I am more than excited to play the sequel. (Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Dexerto Last of Us 2)
NBA 2k20: Now considered a “must-have” for many basketball fans, the new 2k game is the latest in the installment of the popular basketball game series. You can either play as your favorite team, create your own player, or ball-out on the court in the new and improved Neighborhood. It is a game that appeals to those of many ages and is perfect to play with or against friends. If you are looking for a game where fun is your top priority, look no further. (Photo courtesy of Digitaltrends NBA)