Spooky Season Sites


Seniors Jaida Garcia, Sarah Johnson, and Aaliyah Neary pick pumpkins as they enjoy a day at Cox Farms. Cox Farms is a popular autumn attraction for people of all ages. While these high school students pose for a picture around the scarecrows and pumpkins, families with young children, senior citizens, and adults have been known to take day trips to Cox Farms to enjoy what it has to offer. In the day time, Cox Farms has food and games that radiate fall fun, while at night this once sunny, happy farm turns into one of the scariest haunted farm attractions in the area.

Dina Tidd, Business Editor

It’s that season again, where it’s sweater weather in the morning and t-shirt weather in the evening. During this season, students enjoy a variety of activities and places that bring the fall spirit. Places and activities that are popular among students are Cox Farms, Apple Picking at nearby Orchards, and just spending time with their friends and family to relax a little.
One of the main attractions is Cox Farms, located in Centerville, VA. It is a large farm packed with fun activities such as long slides, farm animals, pumpkin patches, and eating food. Tickets are generally $15-$20, depending on the day.
“My favorite fall activity would be going to Cox Farms because there are many activities and fun things to do with my friends. They have these huge slides that are really fun and there’s also a lot of farm animals to look at,” said senior Christine Truong.
Another event that is held at night at Cox Farms is Fields of Fear. This event is meant to bring out the spooky feeling of fall. Tickets are usually $30 which includes an entry to the Firegrounds, the Dark Side Hayride, Cornightmare and the Forest. Another popular activity is apple picking. There are several apple picking orchards nearby such as Stribling, Butler, and Lewis Orchids. This is a popular family attraction that is mainly held during the fall season. At the orchids, families typically just pick apples, eat food made at the orchid and make apple cider.
“I really enjoyed using the long baskets they have to reach the high apples. After, we made caramel apples and pie and it was really good,” said senior Coleman Grehawick.
Though there are many attractions, some students opt to relax because they feel overwhelmed by exams and school.
“My favorite fall activity is sleeping, [but] that could be considered a year round activity when teachers are drowning me in school work. But if we’re talking social activities, I enjoy going to Fields of Fear with friends at Cox Farms and eating kettle corn,” said senior Peter Lermo.