A delicious taste of the world

Warm foods from around the globe to enjoy during the cold winter months.


Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Flickr under Creative Commons License

A bowl of shorwa. Shorwa, with meat and broth as its main ingredients is commonly enjoyed throughout Afghanistan, where it is a traditional dish for cold weather.

Sumaya Zahid, News Editor

With the cold weather blowing outside, sometimes the perfect supplement is a warm dish to contrast the low temperatures. Winter calls for warm food, but sometimes people get bored of the same food over and over again. With the need for warm winter dishes, it provides the perfect opportunity for chefs and food-lovers alike to try new cuisines from around the globe. Here are five dishes from around the world that are perfect for the winter weather. Disclaimer: these are just a few of the many delicious winter foods from around the world.


  • Shorwa


This traditional Afghan dish is similar to soup but has a richer taste, as it involves more ingredients. Cooked with meat and quartered potatoes, it provides the perfect combination with bread, which is dipped and soaked in the soup. After being cooked and left to boil with the soup, the meat becomes so tender, it practically melts in the mouth. Along with all that, the soft potatoes and spices add a delicious taste into the perfect warm winter meal. 


  • Mansaf


This traditional Palestinian dish, which is also a famous one among other Arabs, consists of rice and lamb meat, which is cooked with jameed, a dry yogurt made into a sauce. After it is cooked, it is usually topped with shrak, a type of bread, and with nuts. The combination of the jameed with rice and lamb provide a perfect combination of soft sourness and meaty delight.


  • Cheesy bean and chicken enchiladas


This traditional Mexican dish is a popular one even among non-Hispanics. The enchiladas are stuffed with mexican-spiced chicken, rice, black beans, and sour cream, wrapped in a tortilla and topped with grated white cheddar cheese. Lastly, it is enjoyed with cilantro sauce and sometimes even kale. 


  • Ogbono Soup


This West African dish is famous in Nigeria, where it is made from nuts extracted from Ogbono fruits native to the area. Water, palm oil, leaf-like vegetables, chili peppers, and meat are brought together to create a unique soup special to Nigeria. The meat is often interchangeably used with chicken, shrimp, or beef, bringing out a warm, rich taste perfect for the winter weather.


  • Gebackener Karpfen


This is a simple yet famous German dish in the winter, especially in the German state of Bavaria, known for the famous nineteenth century Neuschwanstein castle. This dish is a fried carp, a large fish, that is sometimes served with potato salad. The fish is fried till golden and topped with pure lemon juice, resulting in the ideal crunchy, warm winter meal.