Make way for Disney+


Disney+ is a brand new streaming platform that has recently gain a lot of popularity. It hopes to compete with other popular streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix

Rachel St. Pierre, Features Editor

A new challenger has joined the highly competitive and profitable streaming business, and they are certainly shaking things up. With a price of $7 a month, Disney+ offers nearly 500 movies and 7,500 TV episodes, dictating the future successes of Disney. 

Upon its arrival on November 12th, the brand new streaming service excited people of all ages, as the ability to watch movies from their childhood created an assemblage of nostalgia. 

“I decided to get it because my family really likes Disney and we think that in the long run, Disney will buy everything,” said junior Emma Domachowski.

Following that trend, many people purchased Disney’s new streaming service for benefits provided by Disney. 

“I was inclined to buy it because it’s free for the first year if you have Verizon. I like it more than Netflix because there is more quality stuff on Disney+, especially because they have Marvel movies,” said freshman Avery Jacobs. 

Beside these, there are plenty of available options, ranging from the classics to Disney channel favorites. 

“My favorite movie to watch on Disney+ is Tangled, Hatching Pete is a close second, and The Mandalorian is also a pretty good show,” said senior Danny Winslow. 

Disney+’s arrival, however, will stir up concerns for competitors like Netflix and Amazon. 

“Disney+ will probably attract a lot more people and it will cause people to end their subscriptions to other streaming sites. To get them back, Netflix should probably add more things, including keeping favorites like The Office and Friends,” said Domachowski.

Disney+ has implemented increased competition within the streaming service field, and raving reviews suggest the competition will only increase.

“I think there is much more of a competition because Netflix has more things to choose from but it’s not all necessarily good quality options. Disney+ has the Marvel movies as well,” said Jacobs.

In spite of all the raving reviews, some are still against Disney+  as it becomes another monthly purchase on top of other streaming services. However, with its implementation, Disney has started to remove the majority of its items from Netflix.

“I don’t have Disney+ but I want it because it has every Disney movie and show ever made. But, I don’t have it because my mom doesn’t want to buy it,” said freshman Ethan Villarreal.

Overall, Disney+ has excited many people with the ability to revisit their childhood through Disney classics, while serving as a strong competitor for other streaming services. 

“I think someday Disney+ will drive Netflix and Hulu out of business and I would give up my Netflix account for Disney+,” said Villarreal.