Oreo disappoints fans


Oreo is well know across the globe for its classic cream and chocolate cookie. The beginning of cookies and cream, Oreo looks to spread its roots while experimenting with other flavors.

Daniel Nam, Editor in chief

Oreos, the classic chocolate cookie with a delicious cream in the center that most people love. Since I haven’t really tried any other oreos besides the mint, regular, and golden cookies, I decided it was time to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. In short, I was disappointed. I tried four different flavors: birthday cake, peanut butter, red velvet, and the brand new carrot cake.

Out of these four, the only flavor that I believe to be even worth my money was the peanut butter. It reminded me of Nutter Butter, but with the classic chocolate cookie instead. Considering Nutter Butter is one of my favorite snacks, this was clearly one of my favorites, more so than the original.

Birthday cake seems to be the flavor a lot of companies try to replicate, but to be honest they are all hot garbage, and Oreo is no different. It was way too sweet and there was too much of an artificial flavor that left my mouth feeling weird and I just could not handle something that was just fake.

Next up was the red velvet, I actually love red velvet cheesecake, so I had high expectations. Just like the birthday cake, it was a disappointment. Visually, it was appealing. A dark red cookie with a sweet cream couldn’t be that hard. It wasn’t as bad as the birthday cake, but it was hard for me to tell what I was actually eating. Overall, it was just ok.

Finally, the brand new carrot cake. To be honest it was by far the worst. I just don’t think cakes should be turned into the form of an Oreo. It didn’t work for the red velvet and it definitely didn’t work for the carrot cake. Not only was the flavor disappointing, but it was exceptionally dry and left a weird feeling in my mouth.

Peanut butter was the clear winner out of these flavors, and the rest were just way too bad to rank. I like the idea of trying to innovate new flavors for the public to try, but they should just stick to the classics.