New season of You: a review


Screen shot of the new You season cover. -Photo courtesy Amirah Sumrean

Amirah Sumrean, Editor-in-Chief

*Warning Spoilers*

Season 2 of the Netflix series You has finally come out and fans have mixed emotions, myself included. This new season has the same elements that made last season unique and shocking, but the second was lackluster, to say the least.

Season 2 consisted of 10 episodes just like season 1, however, it felt much longer. The build up in the first few episodes took way too long, and by the time the show started to pick up, I was ready to quit watching. Even though the characters felt much more developed, the plot itself was slow and too similar to the first season.

The main character, Joe, or Will as he goes by in season 2, finds a new love interest however he continues to partake the same actions as he did in season 1: stalking, murdering, and lying.  This complicated the plot which makes the show as exciting as it is, however, fans of season 1 are accustomed to his actions and there is no real “wow” factor that existed in the previous season.

Love, his new girlfriend, introduces Joe to her family, which creates a new aspect that must be considered. He becomes invested in not only her, but also her family, which creates another complication for Joe’s plan. In season 1, his love interest, Beck, only confided in her friend Peach, which was an easy fix for Joe as he solved this by killing her so he can have Beck to himself.This was harder for him to do in this season as Love had many loved ones around her and was a woman of great opulence. This caused Joe to have to maintain positive relations with her family while trying to isolate her for himself due to his obsessive personality.

Don’t get me wrong, season 2 had many crazy, and twisted parts, but compared to season 1, it seemed pretty mild. The second season didn’t have anything that made it truly stand out as most of Joe’s actions were quite predictable.

The show took a giant turn at the end when it was discovered that Love was pregnant and Joe was the father. Many people thought this was the beginning of things settling down, but the season comes to a close with Joe peeking into his neighbor’s backyard and expressing an interest in a new girl. The exact same way he did with Beck in season 1 and Love in season 2. 

The season was formulaic and it seemed like instead of innovating and coming up with new ideas, they followed the format of last season’s success and applied it to the new one.

Fans knew what the ending meant before it was officially announced, there would be a season 3 of You. 

Season 2 was good, but not good enough to warrant a third season. Am I excited for season 3 and will I count down the days to watch it like I did with season 2, no. Will I watch season 3, of course!