“Midnights” album ranked


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Swift’s tenth album features a distinct vision and newfound sonic cohesivity, which all 13 of these tracks showcase.

Taylor Swift’s record-breaking tenth studio album, “Midnights,” is her most sonically explorative one yet. Without further ado, here are all the tracks ranked from least favorite to favorite by intuitive factors and personal preference.

  1. “Karma” 

While it may have a catchy chorus and stellar production, this song lacks the raw emotion found in lyrics that draw fans to Swift’s writing. A great song, just not the best on the album.

  1. “Question… ?”

Even though it is well-produced and has a nice hook, this track did not stand out among the others. It still holds a nice sound to it and showcases Swift’s ability to write a well-developed uptempo melody.

  1. “Labyrinth” 

This song samples an acapella rhythm made by Swift; this piece is well-produced and written, but it is unfortunately underwhelming. The contrast with the more upbeat songs on the album with this one makes it stand out wonderfully, even if it may not be a highlight.

  1. “Snow on the Beach (featuring Lana Del Rey)”

Guitars, synths, and Swift’s calming melodies make up this song that features backing vocals in the chorus by the popular artist Lana Del Rey. However, the repetition seems too simplistic for the poetic lyrics and specific subject matter of the song.

  1. “You’re on Your Own, Kid”

This guitar-laiden pop tune does not hold much back, tackling important subjects like mental health and self-reliance through a captivating beat and interesting melody. Despite this, the song does not reach its height until the bridge.

  1. “Bejeweled”

Starting with a gleaming synth pattern, this song offers exactly what the title promises: a catchy pop tune with a bold beat with multiple references to gleaming gemstones. While the song works for its intended purpose, it seems to lack the depth other tracks hold.

  1. “Anti-Hero”

This head-bobbing pop anthem is a great lead single; the only flaw of it has to be the vague lyrics of the chorus. The verses and bridge tackle important subjects like mental health, but the words found in the chorus do not seem to match.

  1. “Midnight Rain”

A song about failed relationships is nothing new in the music industry, but the way this song covers this topic is novel: an uptempo beat with a chorus with changed pitch formant makes up this instant classic.

  1. “Vigilante…”

This song takes the form of a rare feat Swift has not yet accomplished until now: a dark, electropop, upbeat track. Even though this is a new attempt by Swift, she executes the proper songwriting and vocals for this piece and it does not let fans down.

  1. “Sweet Nothing”

A simple, yet sweet, electric piano led ballad is found near the end of the album. This heartwarming piece showcases Swift’s talents as a songwriter.

  1. “Mastermind”

The perfect closing track, this song shows how much of a “mastermind” Swift is via the rhythmic synth stabs and beat featured in the chorus. The variation of well-written lyrics with stellar production blend together into the final song of the album.

  1. “Lavender Haze”

This album-opener promises an ear-pleasing hook, unique, modern production, and is generally well-written. The pulsing synth over a slightly anthemic bass creates the proper mood that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

  1. “Maroon”

Layered, warm synthesizers over a steady beat accompanied by Swift’s pristine melodies make “Maroon” the album’s best song. Not only is the production on par with the songwriting, but the vocals are as well.

Overall, “Midnights” features Swift’s remarkable growth as a songwriter since her last release that featured exclusively new material, “evermore”. Every single one of these songs shows her astute talent. Nevertheless, music is subjective to the listener and everyone is ultimately qualified to formulate their own preferences related to this album.