Hey, West Springfield!

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Hey, West Springfield!

Oracle Editors

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Welcome to Sparta, where we walk through the heat, the cold, the rain and the snow trying to survive the chaos of high school (as if it weren’t hard enough).
For all you newbies, your dreams of an ideal high school experience were probably demolished along with the English hallway. No, we don’t have parking, one-third of our building, or even a ceiling in most places, but are those things really what made us, us?
As Spartans, we have never been about the building; it’s always been about the character of the people inside: the athletes who stay after school for three hours every day to maintain their district title; the musicians who tirelessly rehearse for that one chance to be nationally recognized at the Kennedy Center, and the scholars that saturate their schedules with APs for that one acceptance letter. For some, this hard work results in the utmost recognition. “Olympic Gold Medalist,” “Esteemed Actress” and “Astronaut” are all titles that belong to WS alum. Those people—and every other Spartan—are what make up WS, not the facilities.
And don’t forget about us, the people who report it all. As your newspaper staff, we want our readers to know that we aren’t going anywhere. We’ve been thrown out of our room, we’ve been thrown off of our schedule but we’re still going strong. Know that as the building crumbles around us, we’ll be here through it all, documenting the good, the bad and the ugly.

Hang on to your hard hats, Spartans; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Your Oracle Editors

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