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Run, don’t walk!

Admin, students aren't on the same page

Constanza Hasselmann, Oracle Editor

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Most WS students have grown accustomed to their daily routines, which are generally a variation of school, activities, homework, sleep, repeat. When administrators make decisions, they must it with students’ best interest in mind; however, with an ever-changing reality, many students wonder whether the “legislators” of WS are attuned to their constituents’ concerns. The Oracle did some polling to find out.

When asked about the travel time to and from Sparta, administrators emphatically stated that a seven-minute passing period is sufficient. From Door Three to the middle of Sparta, it should be no more than a four minute walk, while walking from the Sports Lobby to T310A should take about five minutes.

With regard to homework, the administrative staff believes that students should have no more than two hours a night, but this highly dependent on the student’s course load, how quickly he or she works, and how one defines “homework.”
Nonetheless, students argue that the unaltered seven-minute period does not account for water breaks and bodily functions–not to mention the notorious traffic around our learning cottages and the rather oppressive nature of a backpack.

From these polls, we can conclude that the current policies at WS are not perfect, but that responsible parties are doing their best to cater to a variety of “interest groups.” In order to reach a sustainable compromise, students and school leaders will have to understand #thestruggle of each party–and most importantly, listen to one another–while accepting the barriers erected by the renovation.

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Run, don’t walk!