Club spotlight: The hype around the new SOTG

Alice Ji, Managing Editor

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Does a movie on the football field sound like the “move”? Well, that’s what Screen on the Green, in affiliation with the Leadership class, is planning.
“It’s still in the works but we’re planning to have it towards the end of October. We’re most likely going to have people buy tickets for the event and we were going to try to sell food and spirit wear in order to fundraise” said senior Tina David, one of the Leadership students running Screen on the Green (SOTG).
Going to the movies is a common activity for most teenagers but an outdoor movie on the football field is not the typical film experience.
“It’s different and exciting, there’s fresh air, and people just like to be outside,” said senior Sarah St. Pierre.
However fun it may be, there are bound to be some issues with the movie being shown outdoors. Hopefully these problems won’t ruin it for Spartans.
“There might be mosquitos and it could be cold, or [it could] rain,” said freshman Ari Jones.
Leadership is planning to have the movie be something related to Halloween, since it’s being shown at the end of October, but nothing is for certain.
“I would like to see a funny, humorous movie” says junior Lillie Wigntman.
Another potential option is a winter themed event.
“I want to watch Frozen, it’s acceptable any time of the year,” said St. Pierre.
Most Spartans seem to want something spooky, so SOTG is not for the weak hearted. Of the 159 people who voted in a twitter poll held by the SOTG account, 75 percent voted that they wanted a Halloween or scary movie while 25 percent voted for a different genre.
If SOTG is popular among Spartans, it could potentially become a frequent event. It would also be an excellent way to fundraise and for people to socialize as a large group.
“When you’re outdoors, compared to being in an indoors theater, you can sit with people, talk, and watch the movie,” said Wigntman. “I think that there will be a large student turnout, people might want to go all-out for Halloween.”
Once the plans for SOTG are finalized, Spartans are sure to be excited for it.
“I’m looking forward to Screen on the Green because it sounds like a really cool school activity,” said Jones.

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