A senior’s magically unlucky day

An 8-Ball made all of Ryan's decisions

Ryan Brewer, Managing Editor

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If you ask anyone that knows me they will tell you that I am very indecisive. Trying to decide where to go out to eat is a multi-stage decision making process. So, as a reasonable person may do, I decided to magic 8 ball app make my decisions for the day.

I was wary of the whole idea from the beginning. Did I really want a simple computer program deciding a whole week during my senior year? I started off with simple decimas; jeans or sweatpants. My heart was telling me that my sweatpants were without a doubt the way to go, but the eight ball seemed to think otherwise. It hit me with “outlook not so good”, and against my will I decided to suck it up and throw on jeans.

Breakfast was a similar experience; instead of spending five minutes debating with myself whether I wanted to scramble eggs or cook oatmeal I just simply asked the eight ball if oatmeal was a good choice.

“Definitely.” It looked like I was cooking oatmeal for breakfast. Did I want oatmeal? Not in the least bit, but I had to stick to the rules of the game.

To get the school from my house I can either go up the Fairfax County Parkway or Old Keene Mill road. The quicker direction is one hundred percent dependent on hitting the lights right. Some days the parkway takes 20 minutes other days it can ten.

Taking a little more of a risk, I asked the eight ball if the parkway would be a quicker direction to go.

“Without a doubt,” it told me and without a doubt it was wrong. I hit every single red light on the way to school, and the traffic was terrible. I got to school ten minutes later than I normally would, barely got a parking spot, and had to book it from my car to the school just to make it to class on time.

Already the eight ball had managed to make three wrong choices. I was annoyed. This was a stupid idea.

It was not until a few hours later when I went back to making choices for myself that I realized how easy my morning had been. Choices that I would normally spend an excessive amount of time stressing about, I was able to figure out in a matter of seconds. Sure, they may have been the wrong choices but in the end, it didn’t really matter: I still got to school, I still had food to eat, and I still had clothes to wear.