Sksksksk and I oop take over WS

New trends have caused constant criticism and negative stereotyping

Sean Stuck, Entertainment Editor

Long t-shirts, bright HydroFlasks, Brandy Melville, shell necklaces, and Birkenstocks. These apparel items and accessories describe only one group: VSCO girls.
The 2019 term “VSCO Girl” originated from the app VSCO, a place to share photos and short videos. This term refers to girls who wear certain clothing and engage in certain activities. It has taken the social media world by storm, as people everywhere are calling each other “VSCO Girls.”
“It’s like Instagram but not really, you can see who follows you but there is no number,” said junior Ashlyn Miles.“It’s artistic and you can filter them and edit [pictures], and people will definitely try to post good pictures.”
Over the past year with events like the VSCO-out volleyball game and VSCO spirit days, the app has become very popular, but not for the reason people may think. VSCO is being used to make fun of girls for being “basic” and not for its intended purpose. Social media has spilled out into the real world and is even influencing how we show our school spirit. This simple photo editing app has transformed the way people dress and act.
“I thought [the VSCO-out volleyball game] was really cool because it is different and it’s not like the other outs. I have never seen another school do VSCO girl out before and it brings out the era of how everyone is interacting with VSCO and e-boy stuff now so it is cool to see something like that now,” said junior Ella Tampio-Iorns.
VSCO’s popularity has skyrocketed and the insulting stereotype is causing some girls to retire their scrunchies and hide their Hydroflasks. The fear of being called a “VSCO Girl” is a real threat for some girls who just want to wear and show off their favorite things.
“I think that it is a negative stereotype,” said Miles. “It creates a negative stereotype because it is gathering up the most common trends on VSCO and making a joke.”
Most of the stereotypes have been ones which can be worn, but arguably one of the most iconic VSCO girls’ markers is the phrase “sksks” and no one seems to know what it quite means. This phrase along with “and I oop” is a VSCO staple. Girls that are accused of being “VSCO Girls” are getting bombarded by their critics shouting these at them.
“I don’t know, I think that is just a funny saying to make fun of VSCO girls,” said Tampio-Iorns.
-and I oop.