Celebrities ball out in Chicago


Courtesy of David Banks/Associated Press undet Creative Commons License

Common drives into the lane during February 14th’s Celebrity All-Star game. The rapper and recording artist took home MVP honors for his 10 point, 5 rebound, and 4 steal performance in which he led Team Wilbon to the 62-47 win over Team Stephen A.

Corbin Lathrop, Sports Editor

On February 16th, the NBA world watched the game’s top talent go head to head in the NBA All-Star game. In a touching tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, the game’s final quarter was untimed, with the winner instead determined by the first to a set score, determined by adding 24 points to the leading team’s score at the end of the third quarter. Team Lebron pulled out the victory on an Anthony Davis free throw, in what many consider to be the most competitive and entertaining All-Star game of all time. However, even this spectacle of elite athletes competing at their highest level was nothing compared to the real show of the weekend, the true display of greatness, the pinnacle of entertainment, the height of our imaginations, the peak of the human hive-mind, the summit of our visual desires, the crest of our basketball wishes, the apex of athletic achievement, the zenith of our lives, the NBA Celebrity All-Star game.

February 14th’s celebrity showdown between Team Wilbon and Team Stephen A. captivated our imaginations and left us thrilled to our cores. The celebrity game, just like the rest of All-Star weekend, took place in Chicago, and thus was filled with Chicago natives, and other important Chicago icons. Team Wilbon, coached by accredited sports journalist and Chicago native, Michael Wilbon, pulled off the 62-47 victory, but the game was far more intriguing than the final score might suggest. Common, a rapper and Chicago native, was captain of Team Wilbon and took home MVP honors thanks to his 10 points, five rebounds, and four steals. Recording artist Bad Bunny, actor and comedian Hannibal Buress, recording artist Jidenna, and SNL actor Alex Moffat highlighted the rest of the winning squad. Despite the loss, Team Stephen A., coached by energetic ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith, brought more star-power to the table. Captained by yet another Chicago native, Chance the Rapper, Team Stephen A. featured famed rapper Quavo, former NFL defensive tackle and comedian Anthony “Spice” Adams, 2K sports marketing director Ronnie 2K, and “Chicago PD” actor LaRoyce Hawkins.

The game itself was a battle of wills and personalities. In the heat of the competition, coach Stephen A. found himself furious with the referees. After berating the officials in this fit of anger, Smith was given a technical foul, the first in the 18-year history of the event.

“I could not believe my eyes when I saw Stephen A. get ‘T’d up,’ but I’m definitely not surprised. It was hilarious, and it was cool to see some intensity in the celebrity game,” said junior Keyvan Montazami.

The celebrity game set the stage for a fantastic weekend of All-Star festivities, but needless to say, no other event could get out of the shadow of the celebrity showdown.

“The celebrity game has always been what I most look forward to leading up to All-Star weekend. Sure, watching the NBA’s best play an exhibition game is fun, but there’s nothing better than watching Bad Bunny trying to play defense on Quavo,” remarked junior Andrew Garver.