4 Mask fashions more contagious than the virus


Photo courtesy of 1. The National Guard via Flickr under creative commons license 2. Isa Nothom 3. Jasmine Bui 4. Lizzy Breckenridge

1. U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Coleman Crowell wears a disposable mask with a mustache drawn on it as he works in water and fuel maintenance at the Pharr Event Center in Texas. 2. Senior Isa Nothom wears her sunflower printed mask as she poses for at home prom pictures with her dogs Karen (center) and Buster (left). 3. Sophomore Jasmine Bui sports her black cloth mask as part of her quarantine fit. The mask is washable and practical for afternoon walks through the neighborhood. 4. Junior Lizzy Breckenridge shows off a sample of her homemade masks that she donates to anyone who needs them. Mask making is a fun and useful activity anyone can do safely while in quarantine.

Elizabeth Thompson, Scoop Editor

1. The Classic Medical Mask

These disposable masks may look bland at first, but they can be a canvas of creativity. Dress them up or down, draw a mustache, or give yourself Kardashian lips. The world is your oyster. During these depressing times when it seems the Covid-19 pandemic governs every aspect of life, a little creativity can go a long way to brighten spirits.

2. Printed Pattern Mask

Whether you buy a mask or make it yourself, taking the opportunity to add a colorful accessory to your outfit never hurts. These eye-catching pieces will distinguish you from the crowd of drab disposable mask wearers. Some small businesses have even been selling them to stay afloat.

“I bought [my mask] from a lady on the app called Nextdoor,” senior Isa Nothom said. “I chose the fabric because of the sunflowers. I love sunflowers because they remind me of Kansas [where my family is from]. I use that mask every time I leave the house or go to work. It does get annoying [to wear] but, I understand why I need it.”

3. Simply Chic Cloth Mask

A simple solid colored mask is ideal for an on-the-go mission to the grocery store or work. Cloth masks are reusable, making them practical and more environmentally friendly than disposable masks. Solid neutral tones can also be paired perfectly with virtually anything for a go-to look.

“I like how it has a wire to fit on your nose,” said sophomore Jasmine Bui about her cloth mask. “It’s a bit uncomfortable at first but not too bad. It fogs up glasses which can get a bit annoying, but I don’t really mind it.”

You can find cloth masks easily on Amazon or make one of your own out of your favorite fabric to add to your corona kit.

4. DIY Design Mask

In addition to protecting your face from the virus, masks are fairly easy to make out of virtually any type of fabric. Since they are so small, they are a perfect way to utilize any smaller pieces of leftover cloth. You don’t even have to buy material; use an old dish cloth or bandanna and some hair ties, and you’re set. Plus, a homemade mask makes for a unique look that is as fashionable as it is resourceful.

“I’ve made around 60 masks for friends, family, and donation to the Million Masks Challenge. They are collecting homemade masks to donate to first responders, health care workers, and patients who need them. I got started in this program through Girl Scouts. I made them with leftover fabric I had and my family’s sewing machine,” junior Lizzy Breckenridge said.

Despite the mask being a constant reminder of Covid-19’s effect on life as we know it, it can also serve to raise awareness for those who are fighting every day to stop it. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that we are not the only ones wearing them.