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Spartan vegetarians and vegans eat no meat

Shafuq Naseem, Features Editor

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Many WS students’ mouths water when the cafeteria serves teriyaki chicken; other students, however, are not so thrilled. Being vegan or vegetarian imposes dietary restrictions, but many Spartans find the diet fulfilling and worthwhile.

In a typical vegetarian diet, one cannot eat meat. With being vegan, you are restricted from eating meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, or any foods containing animal byproducts. With committing to either of these two diets, people put a significant amount of thought into why they’re taking part in it. Reasons can include ethics, health, or religion. It is estimated that 56 billion animals are killed each year for food that is eaten by humans, and that number doesn’t include fishes. Along with that, animals are put under cruel conditions in factories: Animals are  held in unsanitary and claustrophobic facilities. Health benefits with becoming vegetarian can include a lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, and lower cholesterol.

“I chose to be vegetarian because, of course, I feel bad for eating the body parts of a dead animal and I feel like I’m eating more healthy since,” said sophomore Theo Zamani, who has been vegetarian for two years, “It’s made me feel so much healthier honestly, knowing that I’m not eating meat that goes through process factories or just animal meat in general.”

While people won’t necessarily agree with each others diets, they respect the different groups. Nonetheless, they will always believe their diet is better. Many vegetarians assume that they will live longer; However, this depends on how they substitute their protein. Some use substitutes such as tofu, vegan-meat, and lentils. If a vegan or vegetarian replaces their restricted food with junk food, they obviously won’t live a healthier life compared to someone who isn’t on the same diet.

“People can eat what they want,” said senior Lexi Maycock who has been on the vegetarian diet for years, “I just want to outlive people who eat a lot of meat just so I can prove being a vegetarian is healthier.”

Despite what vegetarians say, some people don’t believe becoming a part of this lifestyle is for them. For people who don’t take part in the vegetarian or vegan diet, meat is a delicious main source of food.

“Let me eat my steak in peace while they eat their plants,” said junior Arianna Porter.


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Spartan vegetarians and vegans eat no meat