New club alert: Spartans 4 Refugees

Daniel Nam, Sports Editor

Spartans 4 Refugees is a club all about helping refugees. The new group is led by sophomore president Yuni Choi who created the club to help raise awareness for and help those affected by the refugee crisis going on in the world today. The club is quickly growing and gaining support from people in the area.
“We get a lot of support from the students in the 10th grade body,” said Choi. “But since the club is new, not so many people know about it.”
The club was created by Choi to try and convince high school students at WS to help and serve other kids that are struggling.
“My best friend was a refugee in eighth grade,” said Choi. “So it helped open my eyes a lot to what was going on.”
Along with Choi, vice president Zoraz Haseeb aids in running the club by organizing events and filling out paperwork. However, the weight of the club is not just on Choi and Haseeb; Heather Che and Hannah Che are also secretary and treasurer of the club.
Courtesy of Spartans 4 Refugees Twitter
All jobs which are crucial for running the club smoothly.
“I don’t have a particular role [in the club],” said Haseeb. “The four of us just take on equal responsibility.”
The club does many things, but mainly helps the refugees in the Middle East, such as Syria, by sending items like cards of hope, raising money, holding food drives, and knitting blankets.
“The community who donated to us through our bake sale was very supportive,” said Choi. “We raised 200 dollars from the bake sale alone.”
Not only is the club for a good cause, but it is an environment full of fun and exciting moments; the atmosphere is very upbeat and positive because of all the people coming together to support a good cause.
“[I joined] just to help the people who [have] gone through so much,” said sophomore Rachel Strohecker. “[It is] lots of fun. Everyone’s nice and open and overall a great environment.”
With all the recent tragedies going on in the world, members of the club believe it is important to realize that students can make a difference too.
“It is extremely important to have this club,” said Haseeb. “Students don’t know about the things that go on around the world and it is important for awareness to be spread. [Spartans 4 Refugees] creates an easy way for students to help.”

Spartans for Refugees twitter
Spartans 4 Refugees’ members made cards to send to the refugees that they’re helping.