Coloring the field with flags


Photo courtesy of Eliza Snipes

In their gladiator- like uniforms, Guard members stay on beat with the Marching Band. The new uniforms have been popular with audiences.

Dina Tidd, Business Editor

Each year the Color Guard receives a new uniform, and many are seeing this year’s uniform as very appealing and more relatable to the overall theme. The design for this year is a black pleather and velvet suit with complementing red masks and a red banner spanning across the top of the uniform. Many Guard members are enjoying this year’s uniforms because they allow for more flexibility, but at first glance, the uniforms seem to be very uncomfortable.

“We definitely have more mobility, [especially] when it comes to jumping and doing our stretches. We have no restriction,” said freshman Jacqueline Welsh on Color Guard.

Students from the student section of the stands noticed the new uniforms and many were impressed by the new, bold appearance of the uniforms.

“This year, the uniform looks more elaborate from an outsider’s point of view. It looks like they put more effort into the [visual appearance] of the uniforms,” said junior Troy Burke.

Last year, the uniforms had black mesh with sequins at the top and cut out shoulders. It was long sleeved with blue at the top and on the legs. According to many Guard members, this year’s uniforms were able to portray the villainous characters more easily.

“I think last year the characters we were supposed to portray were a little hard to grasp because the makeup was a little off putting, but this season the uniforms are more clearly like a villain and ‘bad guy’ which is the role we hold until later in the show so I think maybe this year it is easier to grasp,” said junior Eliza Snipes on Color Guard.

Though the uniforms are overall comfortable and show the characters portrayed, a common issue among them is the masks that make it difficult to breathe at the beginning of each performance.

“Our theme is dark, and we’re supposed to be controlling the band. We are supposed to look authoritative, so [the uniforms] are all black and tight. We look very strong [to fit the theme],” said Welsh.

This year’s uniform has been appealing to the eyes of the student section and many people have made positive comments about it.

“I think the [uniforms] are very striking in a sense that they give an empowering quality to people who wear them,” said junior Yumi Kim.