Divya Gupta mixes horror with beauty


Courtesy of Divya Gupta

Divya Gupta shows off her special effects skills as she enjoys the complexities and the looks that makeup can achieve with her talent.

Jamie Bishop, Features Editor

For freshman Divya Gupta, her love for special effects makeup started in the fifth grade and has developed throughout the years.  While only using Youtube channels and characters from  different movies and her own ideas, Gupta is able to excel in her makeup skills and show off a unique skill.

Unlike “traditional” makeup, special effects makeup requires the use of different colors and even false skin or body parts that are made out of latex or silicone. Sometimes special effects makeup even uses fake blood and props to incorporate into the look. Most special effects artist are even able to make the appearance of bruises, cuts, old age, deformities, or mutations.

With all interesting talents, there is always something that first caught their attention or made them  want to continue to get better at their talent. Gupta has always had an interest in horror movies and loved scary characters.

“I started [special effects makeup] because I always loved weird horror movies or scary things when I was little, so I thought it was cool that I could transform myself into things like that,” said Gupta.

Special effects makeup is defined as the use of prosthetic sculpting, molding, casting and painting to create advanced cosmetic effects. It requires a lot of experience with sculpting and using paint and makeup to make the creation look scary but still makes it look real and believable. Special effects makeup can be hard and for many artists, it can take a while to perfect a certain look.

“Depending on the complexity of a look it can take anywhere from two to six hours and it’s extremely uncomfortable to wear and take off,” said Gupta.

Along with horror movies and scary shows, some of Gupta’s looks are inspired by Youtube channels and even creates some of her own invention. One of Gupta’s favorite looks came from the movie Coraline where she created Wybie Lovat, who is voiced by Robert Bailey Jr.

“I’m mostly inspired by makeup Youtube channels like Glam and Gore, but I also do characters from horror movies or original ideas that I imagine,” said Gupta. “My favorite looks are most of my half-pretty, half-scary ones and where I did Wybie from Coraline.”