AP Lit teacher Beth Leone joins WS English Department

AP Lit teacher Beth Leone joins WS English Department

Amirah Sumrean

Amirah Sumrean, Editor-in-Chief

Why did you decide to get into teaching?

“I went to my advisor in college… [and] I said I wanted to be a dentist and he said, ‘do you really want to look in people’s mouths all day long’ and I was like ‘ehh no.’ I have always loved literature and English and I have always loved working with young people, so naturally that sort of led me into education, and then as soon as I started taking education classes I was hooked. I love learning too, and I know not all students love learning, but it would be great if they did.”

How long have you been teaching? 

“I taught for about ten years straight out of college and then took a small break to get my masters degree. But [I] also taught while getting my masters degree–I taught college composition. Then when my husband and I started our family, because we are a military family and we move very often, I took about 12 years off. I have just re-entered teaching because my children are now old enough that they need to be more independent.”

How do you like West Springfield so far?

“So far I love it! I have several friends who work here and they have always said very positive things [about WS], and I was excited when I heard there was a job opening and I feel blessed to have been hired. I think the atmosphere of the school is good, the administration is supportive, the students are wonderful, and it’s a brand-spanking new building, so it’s a beautiful physical setting too.”