Color guard conquers COVID-19


The 2021 WS color guard team pose for a photo before practice

Gracie Adams, Staff Writer

Participating in color guard is an excellent way to make friends and be a part of a team, even during unprecedented times. Color guard combines dance, equipment tricks and teamwork to design an exciting performance.

“I think my favorite thing about color guard is performing, because it is just so much fun and I love doing something with a team,” said sophomore Evalynn Mosca.

Mosca is new to the school, but not the sport. The team works together every practice to help those who are behind and commend those who have worked hard.

“We did miss band camp, which is multiple weeks over the summer where we make our show. This season, we aren’t practicing as much as we used to,” said junior Jacqueline Welsh.

Welsh is one of the two captains of the team this year. Though the pandemic has stopped or changed many activities, the color guard team has expanded.

“I think it’s amazing that we have the largest team I’ve ever seen at our school considering the circumstances. I thought we would be scrounging for members like we normally do, but people kept wanting to join, which was fabulous. I’m really excited to have seventeen people for fall guard,” said Welsh.

Those who have joined have very different motivations for joining the team, like watching the band perform or following their sibling’s footsteps, but they all connect when it’s time to practice and perform.

“I came to a football game at the high school when I was in elementary school, and when I saw the marching band perform, I knew I wanted to be in color guard. It reminded me of dance, which I’ve been doing for so long, so joining felt comfortable, like I already knew what I was doing,” Welsh shared.

Though many members of the color guard have different talents, such as proficiency in swing flags or rifles, in the end it makes an amazing show.

“I really enjoy our team. Everyone is so nice and I feel very welcome here. I love how we all have our own skills to contribute to the team whether it’s dancing, being good with equipment, or being good with choreography,” said Mosca.

Color guard has many different aspects that range from dance, and using equipment such as flags. But the most remarkable part is the connection the team has with one another.

“I love that it’s a sport where the team bonds so much in really personal ways. I don’t think players from every sport can say they form deep connections just from their practices. Everyone gets along so well, and it’s such a positive environment. There’s no competitiveness between teammates, which other sports often have.” said Welsh.

Since xolor guard is a team activity, those on the team have to work together to make sure the performance is synchronized correctly, forming friendships that make the members feel more in sync with WS and the sport.