Music to one’s ear: Tri-M holds holiday concert


Photo courtesy of Ben Bradfield

Tri-M members senior Tatiana Mancilla, junior Crystal Kitburi, senior Aila Koch, and senior Kanna Yerks (as seen from left to right) pose for an audience after receiving rounds of applause for their moving performance.

Four members of Tri-M Music Honor Society decked the hallway this morning with a holiday concert for students and staff to enjoy.

As a small crowd cheered them on, the string quartet delivered a set of popular holiday songs. Classic tunes filled the area with holiday warmth on an otherwise chilly day.

Comments of encouragement and amazement could be heard, which the student musicians gleefully accepted with smiles.

“We have been caroling and playing various songs for the Christmas season and holidays to inspire and spread music throughout the school,” said junior Crystal Kitburi.

Kitburi elaborated on the effect of music during the holiday season, which was demonstrated during the concert by smiles on the audience members’ faces.

“Music is one of the most iconic things of the Christmas season. Whenever you turn on the radio, you will hear an iconic, recognizable song like Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’” said Kitburi. 

On the last day before winter break, many students and teachers were already overjoyed with anticipation for the holidays. The instrumental carols only added to these feelings. Such is the case of Environmental Science teacher Heidi Averette.

“I think [music] brings back memories of times when we are relaxed and enjoying holidays with people dear to us. As we hear it, it gets us excited,” said Averette, who heard positive words about the concert from other staff members.

Music is also a pathway to community and a sense of belonging.

“I think the concert was awesome; I think it is really special,”  added Averette. “It is also a great way to build community in our school and bring us together to help celebrate the upcoming break.”