What you see might not be what you get


ABC News

Austin McHale, Oracle Online Editor

Donald Trump has been called many things during his campaign, like racist and idiotic, but how much does anyone really know about Trump? His slogan, “Make America Great Again” has become a rallying cry for people who feel that the American government has wronged them, but how Trump plans on actually “fixing” America remains up in the air.
Trump’s campaign revolves around two major points. Point one is that he plans on being tougher on illegal immigration by somehow forcing Mexico to pay for a wall that they don’t want and by deporting illegal immigrants who are already in the country. Point two is that he’s not Obama, and he’s definitely not Hillary Clinton. That’s about it, although even those points are shaky at best.
Trump’s largest campaign message is that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs from Americans, which actually isn’t true, but by saying this Trump appeals to the people who need something to blame for their lack of success in finding a well-paying job.
His plan to deport any and all illegal immigrants was what attracted his supporters to him, but, in late August, Trump changed his stance by saying that it’s necessary to work with illegal immigrants instead of sending them away. This isn’t the first time Trump has changed his stance completely on immigration. After spending the entirety of his campaign bashing Obama for being easy on immigration, Trump began praising him when being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly.
“What people don’t know is that Obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country,” Trump said. “Well I’m going to do the same thing.”
Trumps other “selling point” is that he’s not a politician like his rival, democrat Hillary Clinton. He berates Clinton for being secretive about her life, which, to his credit, is true, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true about Trump as well. Trump has been demanding that Clinton release her medical records, while at the same time refusing to release his own. He is also the only presidential candidate in history to not release his tax returns, and many theorize that they will reveal financial ties to Russia, or even to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who Trump has already praised more than once.
Recently, an audio recording of Trump from 2005 has surfaced that shows him bragging about his ability to inappropriately touch women thanks to his fame. Trump dismissed his comments as “locker-room talk”, saying that the issues plaguing the country are more important. Trump must have been in some wild locker-rooms to think that bragging about sexual assault is something commonly said in one.
Not much is known about Trump’s viewpoint on multiple election issues or even on the man himself, despite the incredible amount of media coverage he receives. You don’t really know what you’re getting out of Trump when the few ideals at the center of his campaign change so often, and that’s a problem when he could be our next president.