Kristi’s Christmas makes the holidays merry and bright


Photo courtesy of Katie Ours

Santa Claus made an appearance at Kristi’s Christmas, an annual event where Spartans help underprivilileged kids prepare for the holidays by taking them to target to buy gifts for their families.

Katie Ours, Sports Editor

Looking around the Waterford
on the morning of Saturday, December
3, no one could deny the
joy that was present on the faces of
so many students as they partnered
up with underprivileged kids from
all around Fairfax County for a day
of shopping and fun.
Kristi’s Christmas has been a
place where WS students can make
a difference, not only in the community,
but also in the lives of
young children.
The community is celebrating
close to 30 years of Kristi’s Christmas
in honor of Kristi Brown, a WS
student from the Class of 1986 who
died a year after graduation in a fatal
car accident. Coming together to
continue her love of serving others
has now become a light of hope and
joy in the WS community.
It has always been a long-standing
tradition for the girl and boy’s
varsity basketball teams to volunteer,
setting an example for their
fellow students. Also the seniors
from the varsity football team, as
well as Leadership, and members
of Fellowship of Christian Athletes,
who prayed before the event.
“It was really nice to see everyone
get together to reach a common
goal, said junior Kayla Estes. “It
was a new side of the community
that I really enjoyed seeing.”
The day started with a breakfast
to get to know each of the kids
the students were paired up with.
Next, was the trip to Target, where
each kid got to pick out 120 dollars
worth of clothing and toiletries,
ending with a trip back to see Santa
“I loved giving back to the community
and seeing the smiles on all
the kids faces,” said Estes.
The kids selected were ones that
have faced many challenges in their
childhood, and Kristi’s Christmas
was a way of giving them support
and love for the upcoming holidays.
“This is nothing like what I have
done in the past,” said senior Colleen
Dewing. “You learn so much
from these kids during the process
it truly makes you take a step back.”
The day was not only great for
the kids, but also for the WS students
who came out to support
“I would 100 percent recommend
this experience to everyone,
it doesn’t only help the kids,” said
30 years after Brown’s death,
she is remembered for her kindness
and thoughtfulness, a legacy
that now is in the hearts of the WS
“My favorite and most rewarding
part of the day was seeing all
the smiles on the kids faces when
we took them shopping and they
got to buy what they needed,” said
junior Diana Criste. “It was the
highlight of my holiday season.”