Students suffer defeat

Courtesy of Gillian Yost

Ryan Brewer, Managing Editor

The annual students versus staff game was held this past Friday in the brand-new\ gym. The staff once again walked away with a victory beating the students.

“Although we did not win it is still fun to interact with our administrators, and teachers outside of classroom,” said senior Jackson Elder.

Elder’s mindset catches the spirit of this friendly competition. It is more about an opportunity for students to put down their pencils, and for teachers to loosen their tie than it is about winning and losing.

It is also a chance for students to interact with the peers. Current basketball players coach either team while non-basketball players take to the court to play.

“I enjoy going to the game because it is a chance to see my friends play,” said senior Gillian Yost.

Although the game does not revolve around the results, there are no lack of competition. The student’s spirit squad often burst into a chorus of cheers after a crucial score as the end of the game neared. However, the most memorable moment was earlier in the game, right before halftime.

“The best moment was when Coach A hit a buzzer beater half-court shot,” said Yost.