Breakfast With Santa

Choir lifts children's spirits


Jennifer Beach

The choir puts on a show for preschoolers from the WS community. Sophomore Alex Park plays the role of Piglet while seniors Bailee Padget, Jenna Mastando, and Emily Norton dress as Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, and Cinderella, respectively.

Abby Strong, Oracle Online Editor

Santa Claus has made his annual visit to WS. On December tenth, all WS choirs come together to hold an event called “Breakfast with Santa.” This is an annual fundraiser for the entire choir department in which preschoolers and their parents enjoy a morning with breakfast, music, crafts, and picture taking with students costumed as fictional characters.

Prior to the Breakfast with Santa, there is much planning and preparation by choir members to ensure event is successful and enjoyable.

“All choir students bring in food like bagels, muffins, fruit salad, or juice for the breakfast portion of the fundraiser,” said senior Kalyn Stiles.

Though providing breakfast is a key component of the event, some choir members also bring props to transform the cafeteria into Santa’s workshop.

“Some people bring in wrapping paper to cover certain areas of the cafeteria to give it a Christmassy feel,” said junior Connor Brunson.

Another part of the fundraiser that excites kids is seeing choir members dressed up as a variety of popular childhood characters. Costumes include Disney princesses, superheroes, and Santa’s helpers’ outfits. Students also take on the roles of these characters while taking pictures with the children and volunteering at the cakewalk, face – painting, or ornament making activities.

“In class, there is a raffle to determine who will be certain characters during the event,” said chorus teacher Dustin Brandt.

The music performed by the choir at Breakfast with Santa is practiced in class leading up to the fundraiser. The songs include popular carols, so the preschoolers and parents can sing along, such as “Carol of the Bells” and “Here Comes Santa Claus”. The music plays a role to get families in the holiday spirit.

Breakfast with Santa is also preparation for the winter concert that all choirs put on later in the year. Some of the songs performed at the fundraiser are also sung at the concert to give the choirs more time to perfect and familiarize themselves with the music.

Through the process of preparing the fundraiser, the separate choirs are able to come together to pull off an event for families, and work as a team. Everyone puts in an effort to spread holiday cheer to families in the community by giving them memories and bringing smiles to their faces.

“My favorite part of Breakfast with Santa is watching my students interact with the preschoolers and seeing how it makes them happy to be working with kids,” said Brandt.