New year brings new rules


Photo courtesy of Dina Tidd

Senior Eric Jung working on AP Government homework on his FCPSOn laptop. Due to the new one-on-one laptop decision, classwork and homework have become more technology and laptop-based.

Dina Tidd, Business Editor

As many people have probably noticed, new rules and materials have been implemented into the school’s system this year. From brand new computers to sign out sheets, FCPS continues to add and take away many things.

School computers have been added to a student’s usual routine, as we are required to bring them daily. Students have varying opinions regarding whether or not they were necessary.

“There was no need for every student to get a new laptop when [most of us] already have personal ones. Our personal computers have all of our personal stuff and information so it would [be] easier to access,” said senior Eric Jung.

Though some students believed that computers were unnecessary, many are happy with them, but wonder why students are forced to get one. If a student wishes to bring their own laptop, they must fill out an opt out form. Without filling out the form, students will be required to pay a fee.

“I like the computers, but I feel like we shouldn’t be paying anything for them because I heard you have to pay $50 at the end of the year. If you don’t get the computer, and instead bring your own, you cannot use the school printer which I feel is messed up,” said junior Sikander Mehdi.

Though students have mixed opinions on this topic, administration however, seems to favor the new addition as computers introduce new ways of learning.

“In my opinion, FCPSOn is an opportunity for both staff and students to provide new avenues to teach and learn. This county wide initiative is a game changer in many ways. Teachers can supplement their instruction with authentic, real life applications and all students can have equitable access at school and at home. Students can practice submitted assignments electronically which is setting them up for success in their post-secondary school or career/workforce future positions,” said Assistant Principal Donna Rizzuto.

Besides computers and planners, many students have been dissatisfied with the new sign-out system as well. Students are now required to sign a sign-out sheet before they leave a class, and many are dissatisfied with this. However, security favors this new system.

“I think the new sign-out sheets are good for having kids accountable for where they’re supposed to be, where they’re going and at what time,” said Head of Security Bradley Adams.

Even with the sign-out sheet, many are concerned that it is giving students more opportunities to skip class. Security already has a solution to that concern.

“We are going to start doing [physical] hall passes, so students will sign out and grab a hall pass so we can tell who is in the hallway [and why]. It’s good to have sign out sheets because it allows teachers to know what time kids left the classroom and [for them to see who] is constantly signing out and missing class time,” said Adams