WS students’ views on the 2020 election

Joseph Triolo, News Editor

With just days remaining until election day, the stakes could not be higher. Both sides argue that this is a pivotal election in the history of the U.S. and that only you can decide the results. With that being said, here are the results from the WS poll conducted by The Oracle.

Some trends that were seen in the last five questions: Generally speaking, Democrats and Independents rated COVID-19 as a higher importance than Republicans did; Overall, more Democrats found climate change an important issue, while Republicans were less likely to; On the issue of Student Loans, the results were pretty well mixed, but the Democrats had a higher rate of selecting “Extremely Important” over the Republicans; On the issue of Race, Democrats primarily found Race an important issue, while Republicans were more likely to be neutral or select “not at all important.”

Here are the results of the polls. On the issue of president, former VP Biden received 68% of the vote, President Trump received 19.7% of the vote, and Jo Jorgensen received 5.1% of the vote. In the Senate race, Mark Warner received 74.3% of the vote, while his challenger Daniel Gade received 21.6% of the vote. In the race for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s 10 district, Jennifer Wexton had 44.5% of the vote while Aliscia Andrews had 15.8% of the vote, 31.5% shared that they do not reside there, and the rest said they do not know who they would vote for. For Virginia’s 11th district in the U.S. House, Gerald Connolly received 61.8% of the vote and Manga Anantatmula received 22.4% of the vote, while the rest were split between “I do not reside in Virginia’s 11th District” and that they do not know.