What the Scoop is Thankful for …and Not So Much

Nora Boyle and Sophie Sachar

Nora Boyle and Sophie Sachar, Scoop Editor

12-4-2014 12-10-06 PM


What we are thankful for…

Our Brand New Gorgeous Water Fountain
For those who have not yet discovered this beauty, we have a new state of the art water fountain with a separate place to fill up your water bottle, so now you will actually be able to fill it all the way and not contract peculiar diseases from the part you drink from.

Our Awesome Principal Mr. Mukai
This year, the extremely lucky students of WS were blessed with the God of all principals, Mr. Mukai. If you have not been graced by this wonderful man’s presence, we apologize. When you see him in the hallway, give him a high-five or maybe a hug- but keep it short… Actually, never mind, we don’t want to scare him.


Snow is in our Forecast
It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year: snow season. Last year proved that our new superintendent was handing snow days out like free candy. Predictions say it’s going to be a very white winter, so everyone cross your fingers and pray to based god Ryan McElveen in hopes he will pull through.


The New Springfield Town Center
Finally! A mall we can go to where we don’t have to drive 30 minutes to, or fend for our lives in a mass of shoppers! The new mall is gorgeous, with amazing restaurants, a luxury movie theater, and close proximity. What more could you ask for? (Besides a higher allowance…because let’s face it, we’re all going to go broke)

Our Amazing Custodians      (Click picture to enlarge)

These people do not get enough credit for cleaning up after disgusting teenagers. The lucky students of Fairfax County don’t even think twice about how much work they do. So please say thank you every now and then, because our school would fall apart without them!

And Not so Much…
The Lovely traffic on Rolling every Morning
There’s nothing quite like a peaceful wake up call of the sweet sounds of horns blaring and people screaming. Occasionally, you’ll even see a junior back straight into the ditch in front of the school in an attempt to parallel park. For all you underclassmen, appreciate your bus while you can, because it’s every man for himself on that highway to hell.
Dinosaur Computers
It is 2014 and we still have to wait weeks for our computers to turn on. Next, we’re going to turn around and see a colonial lady churning butter. Let’s get with the times and get new computer programs!
Conflicting Climates
Might as well wear a bathing suit under that parka because the climates in WS change more than a teenage girl’s mood! The temperamental heating and cooling systems are known to go up in flames at random moments, so keep your distance. You could either have a blistering summer day or a bone-chilling visit to the North Pole. There is no in between.
Lovely Beige Walls
If the lecture your teacher is giving on the Revolutionary War won’t put you to sleep, the bland, ugly, beige walls will. The color template in this school is probably an interior designer’s worst nightmare. Let’s pray they choose better colors with the renovations.
We have 7 minutes to get from one place to the other. This is absolutely no time to stop and smell the roses, hold hands and show the world how in love you and your boyfriend of 2 weeks are, or have a powwow in the middle of the hallway with your friends you saw last class. Please stop walking around like lost puppies, because dogs belong in cages.
Stink Bomb Or School Bathrooms?
The horrific odor coming from our bathroom facilities could pass as tear gas. This stench carries all the way down the hallways and creeps up on you when you least expect it, then suffocates you. Talk about a need for a Febreeze commercial.