The Rolling Road to delicious food


Victor’s Pizza: the “little Italy” in Springfield, Virginia. With its tasty pizza and its varied menu, Victor’s is a great place to take the family for a night out to eat.
Although the name of the restaurant is Victor’s Pizza, they don’t only serve pizza. The menu has other delicious food such as cannolis, salads, and soups.
Take a bite out of one of their cannolis, and you will feel like you’ve been taken to a little bakery in Florence, Italy.
The people who work at Victor’s are nice, but they don’t have the best customer service. The people who make the pizza always do it with a smile, but sometimes the cashiers give off the impression that they are impatient. The food makes up for it though.
With Ledo’s right around the corner, another pizza hot-spot here in Springfield, Victor’s has to be good, because they have competition. In this competition though, Victor’s takes the victory.


There’s not much that seems bigger than Texas; however, the selection of items to order at Austin Grill is huge.
At Austin Grill, you can pretty much order anything ranging from Tex-Mex to American classics. It’s the perfect place to go to if you want to go south of the border, but not too south. The restaurant is very family oriented and even offers a kids menu. The decorations and lights- some of the best factors- almost make you feel like you are not in Springfield, Virginia.
Although the atmosphere is festive, the food is somewhat sub-par. You feel like you are getting the off-brand version of traditional Mexican meals, like the enchiladas. The flavors are a little too bland and the meals always seems over or under cooked.
Something about Austin Grill that you can always count on, however, is the wonderful service. The waiters and waitresses are always friendly and very attentive to your needs. The food may take a while to come out, and they always make sure to keep reloading your chips and salsa, which are some of the best I’ve ever had.
Austin Grill is a good compromise if your family does not want to go far for a sit down meal that is easy on the wallet. But, they should beware of feeling unsatisfied after a meal.


What do Village Chicken and Hannah Montana both have in common? They both have the best of both worlds. Village Chicken could be a casual after school snack or a first date.
The atmosphere is casual and family friendly, but has nice decor that gives the restaurant a unique feeling. While it has some similarities to common chains, Village Chicken is pretty different. It has a variety of dishes, from plates of vegetables and chicken to pizza.
The diversity in food is almost as good as the unique tastes. Dishes are usually hit or miss, as they have their own ‘feels’ to them, with some falling flat. For instance, the pizza is good when you order the unique combinations, but a plain cheese one is not the way to go.
If you are there with your family, a large pizza is the perfect portion. Some dishes, including the chicken, are a bit dull and might leave you unsatisfied, even though the restaurant is named ‘Village Chicken.’
But, for the price point, it is not bad. The staff is very friendly and the food will come out fast. Village Chicken is a good place to go if you are tired of the same old, same old, Rolling Road dining.


From Italian classics to American sandwich combos, Ledo Pizza serves food other than pizza.
Although Ledo Pizza is most popularly known for their pizza, they also serve great alternatives and side dishes with your food.
The restaurant has an Italian feel to it and many tables and booths for families. I had the Meatlovers pizza and the Famous Ledo Steak and Cheese sandwich. The Meatlovers was abnormally large and was sliced into many pieces. The slices did not have cheese sticking to the pizza and the toppings were reasonably spread throughout the pizza.
The Famous Ledo Steak and Cheese sandwich was served with crispy fries. The Ledo Steak and Cheese sandwich was like any other steak and cheese sandwich, and the fries were soft in the inside and crispy on the outside. Ledo Pizza definitely gives you more for your money.


Perhaps one of the more popular places to dine in the Springfield area, Panera does not disappointed. The food, specifically the bread bowl soup, is a delectable everyone should enjoy. That is, if it were not 2017. In recent years, the quality of this bread-based restaurant has drastically decreased in quality. The food is guaranteed to be “fresh,” but is baked in the mornings. So, by dinner time, the bread is chewy and quite stale. Also, don’t go into Panera with a dining option in mind since the menu changes daily.
In addition to this, the bread bowl soup has a miniscule diameter to place the soup and is consequently just ‘bread with a little bit of soup.’
To make matters worse, the walls of the bread bowl absorb the soup, so there is little to salvage when your meal is finally ready. Other than this dish, the service is sub-par. It takes an overwhelming amount of time to receive an order and, quite often, they misread the order and give you a smoked turkey sandwich when you ordered the Greek Salad.
That being said, the dining options are still quite healthy and despite not getting much of substance to eat, you can leave Panera knowing you made a healthy option.


Chipotle, I love you. But, I also hate you. Chipotle is the reason I have no money.
No matter how hard I try, or if I am hungry or not, whenever I pass by, I must top and eat. I used to have to drive all the way to Saratoga to get some decent Chipotle, and I didn’t mind, because I’ll drive the extra 10 minutes for the extra portion.
However, if I was desperate for some Chip, the only close option was the Springfield Plaza Chipotle. It would be satisfying, but has room for improvement. Now, there is a new Chipotle that is close, SO CLOSE.
The new Chip on Rolling Road is a blessing to everyone. But again, it is also a curse. All the money I make, will go to Chipotle. All that Chipotle I eat, will go to my butt. Thankfully, the new Planet Fitness is not far. Overall, 10/10 would recommend.


Upon walking in, you are immediately hit with the smell of burgers and fries.
The album covers on the wall set a “chill vibe” for the restaurant. The menu is displayed on the wall and you have your choice of a “Masterpiece,” which are sandwiches designed by the restaurant, or you can opt to have it “my way,” meaning you can build the sandwich yourself.
Being that it is called “The Burger Joint,” most will go for one of their burgers. You can get your burger with all sorts of toppings, ranging from the traditional to more gourmet options like truffles and bleu cheese. If you’re not feeling the burger you can go for the pulled port BBQ sandwich or chicken sandwich or even go for the fish sandwiches. If you’re not feeling meat you can go for the vegetarian bean and rice based burger.
Whatever you do, go for the milkshake, you won’t regret it.


Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese, Asian Grill offers a wide variety of Asian cuisines.
Mostly known for their Chinese dishes, Asian Grill offers six soups, five vegetable dishes, Fried Rice, Lo Mein, Chow Mein, and a healthy menu for that summer body.
With an overwhelming menu, it’s understandable to have slow service. Service was a problem, waiters would take your order when you’re ready, but it takes a while for your food to arrive.
However, it’s definitely worth the wait. The food was delicious but a little pricey and the portions varied from small to average, depending on your order. I ordered General Tso’s Chicken and the Pad Thai Pork. General Tso’s chicken was glazed with a beautiful golden brown sauce that tasted amazing, but for $13 I would have liked more chicken on my plate. The Pad Thai Pork was placed under eggs, noodles, and green onions, and Julienne carrots. The Pad Thai tasted delicious, but there was not enough chicken.
Asian Grill is not for someone on a budget and desires to be full. The food tastes great, the prices are high, and the portion size hardly fills you up.