Sources of Strength: How to maintain good mental health

Amirah Sumrean

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Sources of Strength (SOS) is a program at WS that focuses on mental health awarenes and suicide prevention. Daphne Vaccarello, a counselor here at WS, is a leader of this program and hopes to bring awareness to how important it is.
“Our lives are broken into eight sections, the more of these areas we have support in, the stronger we are as people and the less likely we are to self harm. If any of these areas are lacking [for somebody] our goal is to help them find strength in these areas,” said Vaccarello.
The Sources of Strength program is made up of peer leaders, students of WS, who are nominated by teachers and staff. It is made up of adult members within the school as well that are also available to help those who want it. These members are put through training in order to know how to help students who come to them and how they should go about it. The SOS program is hoping to grow because these leaders are mostly upper-classmen, they hope to expand to include underclassmen within the upcoming years. SOS is a very important resource that WS provides, and they are waiting with open arms for anyone who needs help.
“Don’t be afraid to ask whether it’s from parents, teachers, or friends. Often times people think they’re the only ones struggling but the likelihood is that you aren’t alone,” said Vaccarello.

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