Girls Basketball


Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Lexi White

Varsity Girls basketball

Mike Damiano, Viewpoint editor

Teamwork, Communication, and Practice. These key terms define how the WS Girls Basketball team has managed through the beginning of this season. 

Basketball is a sport that is heavily team focused, hence how important it is for the girls on the team to be able to work together in order to be successful on the court. 

“Good teamwork and communication are critical for success because if the team is full of individuals then the team would be disorganized. They are very important because it’s a team sport and requires all people to work together and be in sync to perform their best and come out with the win,” said junior Lexi White.

Even with individual skills, things like coordination and working together are the most important aspects of the Girls Basketball team’s success.

“Communication and teamwork are important to the team because if we aren’t all communicating on the court we won’t be on the same page, and if we work as a team we can count on each other in any situation,” said sophomore Mckenzie Matheny.

The Girls Basketball team is currently <current record> and has their next game <next game>. With these components of their game, the girls are up for a good season.