Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Amy Herrema

Senior Amy Herrema

Sumaya Zahid, News Editor

Whether it’s running in the park, on a track, or on a treadmill, many people find running a form of staying healthy and active. WS’s track team provides an opportunity for aspiring runners to improve their running ability and also get time to get active outside. Taking place twice a year, during the winter and spring, WS’s track team currently has close to 180 athletes, both female and male. They practice together, but compete separately. 

Although it has over a hundred athletes currently in the program, track is not always the first sport athletes think about.

“I would recommend it because very few athletes come into high school thinking they are going to be track athletes,” said track head coach Chris Pellegrini. “They sort of stumble into it by accident and then find that they love it and can excel at it.”

Track isn’t just about running. Traveling to competitions are another aspect that most athletes enjoy and make memorable moments along the way. Although it isn’t the Olympics, races can get very competitive.

“My favorite part about winter track is competing. Varsity athletes have several opportunities throughout the winter and spring seasons to travel to prestigious meets throughout Virginia and along the east coast,” said senior Amy Herrema. “I really love getting to travel with my friends on the team and race against fast competition from other regions.”

Many track athletes agree that this sport has proven to be very rewarding to athletes who put their effort into the sport. 

“[My favorite part is] winning the Spring Regional championship as a team last year in 2019 or making the top 10 all time 300m list for WS this year,” said senior Ruben Mosley. 

Similar to other departments and sports, track allows for the athletes to bond over the sport and make new friends. 

“I would definitely recommend someone to join the track team because it is a great way to make friends, and there are competition opportunities for everyone on the team, no matter how fast or slow you are,” said Herrema.“Our team as a whole has also been very successful, especially in the past few years, so if you want to be a part of this success, it requires a lot of hard work and commitment.”

With many achievements and dedicated athletes and coaches, this sport is a promising one in the future of WS.

“I love the daily grind that track offers,” said  Pellegrini. “As well as seeing athletes get rewarded for their long-term efforts.”